by mehhouse 23 Jul 2011

In the beginning of June, my Viking 1100 started skipping stitches and running horribly. I cleaned it and did what I could but it still was not working well. I took it into my local dealer where I was and after 2 weeks was told that because it hadn't been serviced enough, the needle bar shaft wore the bracket hole opening larger and there was too much play in the needle bar. The parts were not available anymore so my machine was not able to be fixed. They of course, showed me machines at their shop to buy. I didn't want to impulse buy and decided to look around a bit. After a few weeks of looking, I took my machine into a dealer I've bought 3 machines from located in the SF Bay Area. I got a call yesterday that the timing was out, it needed a new belt and just a good cleaning and oiling. $135! I'm estatic. So happy I took it in for a second opinion. The good thing is that I bought 2 used basic machines at yard sales ($25 & $35). I tore them apart, cleaned and oiled them well. They run great! I'm keeping one for me and the other is for a young friend learning to sew. I'll use mine as a back up if I need to take my machine in for repair or a dirty job I don't want to do on my good machine.



by rachap 24 Jul 2011

i don't know why it is but it seems that dealers do not like to service machines that you bought somewhere else. You can't really help it that you are moving into the new area and already have thier brand machine. they should want to get off to a good start with a new customer instead of trying to influance you to buy another machine, whic most likely you would have done in a few years had you been happy with them right off the bat. Oh well, at least y ou are fixed up and maybe needing a machine adjustment will be a good excuse to go visit old friends!

by blueeyedblonde 24 Jul 2011

glad you got your machine fixed! Next time call the second one for info first - sometimes they know from what you tell them what's wrong.

by mehhouse 24 Jul 2011

The dealer that I didn't care for is in the town where I'll be moving permanently. I don't need to start off on a bad foot. Even though the town is about 90,000 people, it's amazingly small as to who knows who. I may not take my machine there for repair again but I'm not going to cause waves. Did that before in Rapid City SD where then Viking dealer in the 80's-mid 90's was horrible. I almost took the dealership away from him. Viking wanted a new dealer desperately. I LOVE Dublin Sewing Center in Dublin CA. I've bought 3 machines from them and their service is always good.

by capoodle 23 Jul 2011

It's all about trust and is this a reputable dealer/repair place. Try to do as much research on the repair shop to see if there are any reviews and to see if they are a member of the chamber of commerce in that town. Walk in and view the shop and see if you can talk to a customer and hear their experiences with the shop. Don't leave your machine if you have doubts.

by mi30kaja 23 Jul 2011

Also much cheaper than buy a new machine. Glad to see you are back sewing.

by alexgrandma 23 Jul 2011

I know what it is like not having your machine for a while. I had my machine at a dealer for over 7 weeks and they never ordered the part! I will Never take it back to them. I hope you do like wise..


by asterixsew Moderator 23 Jul 2011

Glad to hear you are up and running againg with the Viking machine. It just shows how important knowing a good dealer/service repair shop is with a machine

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by mysugarfootswife 23 Jul 2011

I would print the name of the dealer who had it first. I did that once for a dealer who tried to tell me that my problem was an adjustment of the top tension, NOT user serviceable. Well, his bench fee was $129. I figured for that he was going to have to do a bit more than an adjustment and took the top plate off. There was a little piece of thread stuck in the wrong place. Took my tweezers and pulled it out. So much for an adjustment. NOTHING will make me believe that he didn't know what it was, nothing. So I wrote him and told him that I was going to post his name and location and the problem on every forum that I belonged too and then did. Four years later, I took the same machine to a local JoAnn's for work and it wound up in his shop again. The service man called. Needed a lot of things, about $200. When I found out who it was, I said, no, send it back as is. Well, the next day I get a call from the owner of the shop. I won't let a machine leave my shop unfixed. Well, you're going to let mine. But not wanting to have him cause more damage to the machine, I just told him that I didn't have $200 to spend on it. Well, what do you have to spend? I had planned on no more than $50. Well, to please a customer, I'll fix it for $50. DUH. His employee had told me that the bobbin case alone was $50. Even though I had one spotted at another store for $25. Told him, no send it back. I know he went back on the serial number and figured out who I was. I proceed to send him another letter after I got the machine back. With a copy to Singer. These ripoff people need to be exposed. Oh, and I took it to another dealer and got it fixed for $18!

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marjialexa by marjialexa 23 Jul 2011

I agree 100%, post the name of the dealer that tried to rip you off, just to protect other unsuspecting women that may be in your area! I really get teed off at these people, because either they are trying to rip you off intentionally, or they are hiring totally incompetent help. They should be exposed. And likewise, the names of the GOOD dealers should be told, too. I take my Janomes to North East Sewing and Vacuum, and they are wonderful! Rick always knows what's wrong, and fixes it as quickly and cheaply as possible, usually while I'm standing there. Their service is so great I would never hesitate to get another machine from them, and have recommended them to others as well. I even took my neighbor there personally to get a machine, because she wasn't sure what she was looking at or what she wanted, and they gave me a store credit for bringing in a good customer when she bought the machine! Wonderful dealers are out there, and I just wanted to sing the praises of mine, I'm so lucky to be in this area. Hugs, Marji

by sewfrenzie 23 Jul 2011

WOW! Glad you got a second opinion! And what a fantastic find at the garage sales!! I have a great dealer repair center. I've been doing business with them for about 30 years now. I bought my first machine from them when I graduated high school. Haven't a clue why I bought a machine because I hated to sew, lol! Now I sew all the time! Clothes for my girls, costumes for them than my grandchildren, alterations, repairs quilting, etc, etc... They treated me right everytime, and I've never had them tell me its unfixable or offer me a lowball trade in price for something I know I can get much more for. I have used another local shop once or twice, but just was not happy with the service and they wanted more for repairs. So I stick with the St. Cloud Sewing Center, just 45 mintues away.

by quilter124 23 Jul 2011

wow this is great news.....just like a medical diagnosis you need to get a second opinion....

by bevintex 23 Jul 2011

Isn't it amazing how they can't be fixed but the dealer is happy to sell you a new one. I had one I paid $150 to have fixed then the dealer turned around and offered me $200 for it on a trade in. A good deal? He thought so but I did not. I take my business elsewhere.

by sewdoctor 23 Jul 2011

sounds like this first dealer should be reported...just sayin!
Glad you got your machine fixed!

by noah 23 Jul 2011

excellent some repair man #1 was i think i would not go back to see him everrrrrrrrrrrrr (:( carolyn

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mehhouse by mehhouse 23 Jul 2011

The big problem is the first dealership is in the area where we will be living in the near future. Chances are though, I wouldn't buy a machine from them. :)

by clawton 23 Jul 2011

That's great news! i'm sure you are very happy about that.