by ejtads 08 Jul 2011

I am looking for a tiny bird (seagull that is about 1/4" or even one that is just a silouette of one flying. Thanks


by mops Moderator 08 Jul 2011

1/4"is VERY small, the only thing you can get is a silhouet and not one you'd recognise as a gull, although I used a picture I recently took.

knitty46 by knitty46 08 Jul 2011

Mops it looks good. Are you going to put it in designs? I think you should.

ejtads by ejtads 08 Jul 2011

Thank you for the information. I know that it is small but it is for a beach scene on a 9"x12" monthly panel. I could go for a 1/2" too.

by knitty46 08 Jul 2011

Try I found some files on birds, didn't look at them. It is also a great site. I found out yesterday.

by capoodle 08 Jul 2011

The ones I found were the size of a 4X4 hoop. This will get your answer back to the top for other cuties to find.