by modo 01 Jul 2011

I saw a rooster made of 4 felt triangles, would someone know where I could find the pattern?

Thank you
Happy Canada day


by almag 01 Jul 2011

Thank you so much for asking this question!!!

Bevintex has given the website with the instructions for this same pincushion I made many years ago and would love to make some more for pressies.

If you had two squares of felt, different colours, and made it with this pattern you'd have four triangles, and it would be less fiddly and more accurate than cutting four triangles first and then sewing them.
I used two log cabin blocks for the body but it would look great in any fabric, pieced or solid. When I put in the beak I bent the felt and put another smaller bent piece inside it to make the beak look as though the rooster was crowing, and I sewed to tiny buttons for eyes. I wouldn't make a white tail again!!!
I haven't done this whole pincushion in felt.


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modo by modo 02 Jul 2011

Thank you,this rooster look good*

by bevintex 01 Jul 2011

is this the one, these are easy to make

shilly by shilly 01 Jul 2011

Very cute-TU.

almag by almag 01 Jul 2011

Thank you, bevintex, for this link down Memory Lane.

noah by noah 01 Jul 2011

wow Bev your good at finding these things and your so very helpful .
i guess i will half to try one of these roosters big hugs carolyn

bevintex by bevintex 01 Jul 2011

Bet you can't make just one! Sew up a whole flock
You are welcome Alma and Carolyn

modo by modo 02 Jul 2011

Thank you, this is what I was looking for*