by reddish 15 Apr 2008

thank you, thank you to all who have answered my question & the caring info.Lots of flowers to all. Reddish


by lorettag28 16 Apr 2008

reddish, glad that you received the help and care of all our family. A flower for you.

by ruthie 16 Apr 2008

What question??? Haha, I've been AWOL for a few days so didn't answer your question because I didn't see it! But I'd like to welcome you here, good to see you reddish and I hope you stay long and enjoy. Hugs and a flower for you sweetie.

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lorettag28 by lorettag28 16 Apr 2008

Me, too!

by nonna57 16 Apr 2008

This is the place to be. :)

by dlonnahawkins 16 Apr 2008

We all learn a lot here - and it is getting quite hard to keep up with everyone as we are growing quickly, I think.

by simplyrosie 16 Apr 2008

You'll find out a lot of valuable information on this site... ;-)

by clawton 16 Apr 2008

Lot's of helpful people around here!

by shirlener88 15 Apr 2008

reddish, we were glad to assist you and just to let you know - most of us asked, too! Hehehe! *4U

by tmbache 15 Apr 2008

You are very welcome my dear. Spread the helping hand to each other. warm hugs and fowers to all

by pafhen 15 Apr 2008

Let me say again welcome and we can all learn from each other. Another flower for you

by jrob Moderator 15 Apr 2008

yep, that's how it works around here!