by reddish 15 Apr 2008

dumb question--how do we get flowers & what are they for???Reddish


by katydid 15 Apr 2008

Flowers to all. I love to give flowers.

by tmbache 15 Apr 2008

Guess you got your answer by now. So welcome pull up a chair and sit awhile and chat with the best. I'm sure you'll get a laugh or two and lots of help about some things you might not of knew was even out there to learn about. Warm hugs and flower to you my friend.

by jrob Moderator 15 Apr 2008

No dumb questions here. You won't believe how many others are wondering the same thing, but wouldn't ask so YOU get a beautiful bouquet for being the brave one. We LOVE,LOVE,LOVE to give flowers. You aren't close enough to hug so that's as good as we can give for now. I am so happy that you are here. We learn so much from each other. The support is incredible! I'm looking forward to learning something from you. ;)

by shirlener88 15 Apr 2008

reddish, That is always the #1 question. Most of us really don't know - but we have learned that we can give and receive them - when you see an orange flower on the right side of the page - you can click on it and when it turns gray - that means that you have given that person a flower and one of their numbers will change under their name. I believe that the real answer would be best if I copy and paste it here for you from jrob: " is conducting testing at this time. Flowers will be used to provide new and additional benefits to users of" They seem to be a good thing to be collecting because my bouquet surely does smell good and look pretty. As for how you get them, you get one each day (once every 24 hour period) that you visit the site. We can now get them from others on this area of the site, and also in response to questions and answers and Cudo's for projects. And that's the short answer! I'm sending you one now. ;)" or from Ruthie: "Shirlene, I think you're like me, just simply give flowers to everyone you meet here, I love giving those flower away. The numbers *under* our avatar (left of page) mean - right number is our total flowers, the left number is for the number of questions we have answered, or in my case the number of chatterbox sessions I have had, haha!!! The numbers don't always update at the same time, I think it's something to do with how the page refreshes, but rest assured sweetie, when I give you a flower, and you give me one, they always reach their destination while they are still *fresh as a daisy*! Hugs and flowers to you all." And Ruthie says, "the flowers mean that this is the *Cutest* and sweetest-smelling site on the net! They were started by *Cute* as some sort of testing, and we've taken the flower giving to a new height by sharing them with all our friends here for whatever reason, or no reason at all, that we can think of. The names on the right of this page are just members the same as everyone else, but, in jrob's case, she's been here the longest, my name's there because I can talk more than anyone else, and I suspect most of the others are there for the same reason too, haha. The number on the far right of our avatar is the number of flowers that the beautiful people here have given to us. So welcome to our friendly site and hope you enjoy being here as much as we do. Hugs and flowers to everyone." So now are you just thrilled to get the long and the short of it from your 'CUTE' family - we love giving and receiving flowers - how about you??? Shirlene

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katydid by katydid 15 Apr 2008

wONDERFUL job!! I can't add anything except flowers to all.

by missann 15 Apr 2008

You also get one flower every 24 hours when you log in, but the fun part is giving them to others. It is fun just to read the "community" topics and just give out flowers to everyone who has asked and answered a question ;) It is fun to watch your own numbers grow and know that someone has given you flowers, too. Most of the time, you don't know who gave them to you. The caring and kindness in this group is totally awesome.

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jrob by jrob 15 Apr 2008

I feel the same way, and it makes me so happy to hear that others do too!;)

by dlonnahawkins 15 Apr 2008

Welcome to our group. The flowers are our way of welcoming you, wishing you a good day, and to let you know that we all care. So - *2U

by modo 15 Apr 2008

for the pleasure of giving and the joy of receiving*

by pafhen 15 Apr 2008

Hello Reddish and welcome. I am still trying to figure out how some of the flowers come about. But Simplyrosie told how to give them. In fact I have one for you so you will now to make 5, there we go. Then on my page they turn grey so I can't give another but I will give simplyrosie one and she will have 6. And it is done. Have fun collecting your flowers and giving them.

by simplyrosie 15 Apr 2008

Hello Reddish. Click on the orange flower and it will send a flower to someone. Not sure what they're for, but we all like to collect them. lol