by lisaatwell1984 14 Apr 2008

I purchased a subscription and was downloading designs and all the sudden I couldn't download anymore. Is there a limit to the amount we can download in one day?


by freida 15 Apr 2008

this could be a sign that your cache is full. On your tool bar under tools, select delete browsing history, click any or all of the options. I hate retrieving passwords and typing forms so I leave those. Your choice. When this history cache becomes full downloads slowdown a lot.

by jrob Moderator 15 Apr 2008

I am happy you got all of that cleared up....That was excedrin headache number 407! That was for me, one of those times, I was thankful to be ambidextrous. ;)

by pafhen 15 Apr 2008

Glad you got the bugs worked out, for you have to stay on top of things to keep up with downloading designs. AND you won't be sorry for the subscription.

by lisaatwell1984 15 Apr 2008

Thanks to everyone, I had already tried everyones suggestion. Who know what happened. I even went back and attempted to dl some of the ones I had previously done and they wouldn't load either. Oh, well technology got to love it. It is however working now, and I have been dl so much my shoulder hurt. Great bargain!

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simplyrosie by simplyrosie 15 Apr 2008

Are you working through a router by chance... something like Linksys (sp?)?

by nglover1 15 Apr 2008

Sorry for your problemb I really can't help because I don't have a membership. But here is a flower for you.

by letvia 15 Apr 2008

You don't have any limit to download. I downloaded all the designs in a night jajaja. I was so exited that couldn't stop. May be try as Teri said. Close your browser and try again. Flower and XoXo

by celticlady1031 15 Apr 2008

I have a subscription too and have never had a problem. I would try refreshing the page 1st. If that doesn't work close your browser, reopen and try again. If all else fails contact Cute. Good luck. *4U

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celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 15 Apr 2008

I might add.... The only problem I have here is dial-up. Can't get high speed where I live in the country. Poor me.

by simplyrosie 15 Apr 2008

That's weird... did you try closing the browser, reopening the browser, log back in, and then try downloading?

by nurselilly 15 Apr 2008

sorry i can't help as i dont have a subscription but i have a * 4 u :)

by raels011 15 Apr 2008

There is no limit if you Have subscription Try again . If you still have a problem you can contact them and get some help * 4 U

by mops Moderator 15 Apr 2008

I have never noticed there was. So I have no idea why it happened.