by caroldann 16 Jun 2011

sent it off so she would receive it by her birthday. I was under the impression that when my birthday came along I would receive a small gift from my Secret Birthday Santa. My birthday has come and gone, no gift. This may sound petty to some of you, but why sign up to do something fun and then not follow thru? That's all I have to say. Carol


by meganne 17 Jun 2011

OH Carol! (always wanted to say that, LOL!!!)
Sorry, I got sidetracked there. :-))

I know you must be feeling disappointed but with all the terrible things happening with our weather all over this world, please give your SS the benefit of doubt and have faith.

Wouldn't it be just terrible to find out your SS had suffered some terrible family tragedy and was just too tied up to get it done on time.

I once had a sale on Ebay and was quite furious when the purchaser didn't respond to my emails, only to find out her daughter had been in a car accident and SHE had been spending all her days and nights at her daughter's bedside at the hospital as they waited for her daughter to come through a very critical stage.
Several weeks later, I received a complete explanation, an apology, full payment and the good news that her daughter had pulled through though her wedding would be delayed until she could walk again. The purchase was an extra gift for her daughter.

So, now I am far more gentle in my thinking before I let rash thoughts take over my tongue. LOL!!!

I do know Sue will keep trying to contact your SS and regardless of the outcome, you WILL receive your SS Birthday gift.

I think it would have been much nicer if you had contacted Sue directly and advised her of this hiccup, as SUE is the only one who can do anything about it. Writing about it here, where no-one has the power to do anything to help you, only serves to stir up animosity and ill feelings.

And I am NOT rousing on you, just repeating one of life's truths,,,,

"It serves no one, to complain to all and sundry when you have a problem, you need to go directly to the person who has the power to help you solve it."

Hugs and roses, Meganne

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spendlove by spendlove 17 Jun 2011

This is what I fear. The Santa in question hasn't posted on the forum since the end of April although I did have an email in early May saying that the gift was in hand.

by sewfrenzie 17 Jun 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Carol! So sorry your gift did not reach you, I know Sue is working on finding out what happened. Since we are let know about a week before the birthday we should let Sue know if we don't think we can send something. I reicieved a cute to send to about 2 months ago. She posted when she recieved. I hope you get something soon! And I hope that the secret Birthday santa is okay and its a tracking thing with the Post Office.

by spendlove Moderator 17 Jun 2011

When I didn't see you post on your birthday, I did start to follow this one up. Unfortunately I have been unable to get in touch with the Santa so I can only assume that something is wrong at her end. Please be patient. I am still trying!

by castelyn 17 Jun 2011

Carol so sorry to hear this. I sent my Secret Birthdays gift off and also did not hear if it was received. I contacted Sue and gave her the trace number and it was at the post office still to be collected. I had posted it off well before the birthday date. She did receive it and posted a thank you on community.
Also for the Secret Easter, I had not been sent a notice from the post office to say that it was there waiting for me. Sue sent me the trace number and I went to the post office and there it was waiting for some time to be collected.
Maybe you just need Sue to get the trace number, if it was sent.
Maybe as others have said, if it was not sent there could be a reason why it has not.
Hope this gets sorted out.

Hugs Yvonne

by mariahail 16 Jun 2011

we have cuties that are very far away from each others and perhaps this happened with your secret santa, don't give up hope!!!! Happy belated birthaday and many many many more!!!Hugs*****

by shirlener88 16 Jun 2011

Carol, I am so sorry - I had a birthday in February and received a very nice gift and also sent one off - a while ago for one that received it and posted here on CUTE - I hope that they was just a slight problem that can be fixed - I am so sorry - that you didn't reveice your Birthday Gift - that isn't the intention of anyone that signed up for this project - I am sure of that.

by beatie58 16 Jun 2011

Sorry you didn't receive anything yet perhaps it is still on the way! Anyway Happy Belated Birthday Hugs Sally

by katydid 16 Jun 2011

I did not know of the secret Santa either. Maybe whoever organised it will come forward and help you. Happy belated birthday to you. Kay

by granniebea 16 Jun 2011

I have been in similar positions to you and have been hurt so often, I don't sign up for any swaps now.How you feel is not petty, I can feel your hurt. I am holding back in saying what I think of you S/S.I am hurting from a ungrateful person and I don't want to, let it all out here(situation nothing to do with anyone on the forum).S/S could have let you know there is something on the way.I think I should sign off now before I let it rip.
Hope you had a beaut birthday.


airyfairy by airyfairy 17 Jun 2011

I have also had similar experiences and this is why I am not part of S/S. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Hugs Sarah.

spendlove by spendlove 17 Jun 2011

There are a huge number of people involved we have only had a couple of actual failures so far. (Christmas Easter and Birthdays.)Even then, I have found out in the nick of time and managed to sort it out. Please look again at all of the good experiences - they now number nearly 100!

by kttyhwk4 16 Jun 2011

I'm so sorry you haven't received your gift, hopefully it's just coming late.
Happy Belated Birthday!!!

by justonlyme 16 Jun 2011

I am not part of the secret santa thing, but do know that if your secret santa sent a gift, it could very well be tangled up somewhere in the mail. Two months ago I sent my bills in the mail, and they ended up getting there almost 2 months late. It was the bad weather and the post office. Your package could be tangled up somewhere in the mail, and your secret santa may be really bumming to know that you haven't received it. I hope it gets to you eventually. Happy birthday, belated!

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sewfrenzie by sewfrenzie 17 Jun 2011

A friend of ours sent their tax returns certified mail every year. One year they got a letter from the IRS saying they never filed their returns. They sent a copy of the tracking etc documentation, it got them off the hook. And the IRS let them know 6 months later a bag of returns reached them 6 months later.

by michele921 16 Jun 2011

I didn't even know about the secret santa, but I can understand your disappoinment, must seem like no one cares, but like others have said it could be that the person who had your name came down sick or something, I hope at least (not that I really want to see a cutey sick) it could also be they are on a fixed income and can not afford to ship it till the begining of the month, money is real tight for some, But hope you get it, and belated Happy birthday

by dlonnahawkins 16 Jun 2011

I know it must be disappointing to not get something - especially when you expect it to get to you. I have sent a Birthday SS, and it was received and shared here. My birthday is not for 4 more months, so I can wait. Maybe get with Sue and see if she can sort it out.

by aussiequilter 16 Jun 2011

have you asked the one organizing the swap , she will be able to find out who was to send to you , and sort it out

by leenova54 16 Jun 2011

That is a shame, I am sorry that someone overlooked something and you were hurt. I hope whoever was your birthday santa realizes you were missed. Happy belated birthday, I don't blame you for speaking up.

by pldc 16 Jun 2011

maybe it is coming from very far away?

by sewmom 16 Jun 2011

I'm not part of the Secret Birthdays but I hope you find out why you didn't get your present. I hope it's a good reason. You must be very disappointed.

by ramona 16 Jun 2011

There may be a reason your Secret Santa didn't send something. There could be illness, an unexpected trip or maybe your gift is going to be a belated one. Sorry you're feeling sad. Hope you cheer up real soon. Big Hugs!