by mehhouse 15 Jun 2011

I was really happy to see the email from EL that I was selected and got a $5 gift certificate. My tip was using the old shor steel straight pins as nails in your sewing room to hang lightweight items or decorative things on walls. I love that they hardly leave a hole in the wall and are surprisingly strong. What is really funny is that my husband just 'complained' about pulling about 30 of them out of the wall of my old sewing room so he could paint. He was amazed at how hard they were to pull out and left such a minute hole. They work great to hang temporary holiday decorations too.



by shirlener88 16 Jun 2011

Lori, great tip - I too have been doing this for years - but love it that you submitted and that they rewarded you for it.

by ramona 16 Jun 2011

Congratulations to you!! Enjoy your spending spree!

by jacquipaul 16 Jun 2011

Congratulations Lori;

by rwalden 16 Jun 2011

Congratulations! Enjoy your gift certificate.

by 02kar Moderator 16 Jun 2011

Yippee! Congrats and enjoy choosing your free designs.

by kathyjt 16 Jun 2011


by sewfrenzie 16 Jun 2011

I only clicked once! Honest, why did it post twice?? So I changed this one, lol! Great idea!

by sewfrenzie 16 Jun 2011

Congratulations! I've been doing this for years! Its great especially when I was renting apartments and the contract said no nails in the walls. Of course it works great for posters and small things, but larger pictures required a bit of imagination, lol! I bought a small container of wall packle and used nails to hang my larger pictures. When it was time to move out I filled the holes with spackle and painted over the spot. Always got all my deposit back so they most not of had a problem with it.

by rmj8939 16 Jun 2011


by barbara68 16 Jun 2011

very good!

by chenille 15 Jun 2011

Congratulations!! Great tip.
Hugs, Nadyne