by jid53 11 Jun 2011

I was wondering what Mylar is? Is it material if so where do you purchase it?


by noah 11 Jun 2011

I to have bought at the dollar store and at a sewing store and the only big differece is the price 1 dollar or 10 you choose???lol carolyn

by bevintex 11 Jun 2011

I just got my order yesterday from Heirlooms by Sharon. It is great for Christmas 0rnaments or anything you want a shine too. I've been playing with it today on butterflies and flowers. Get some I think you will be glad you did

by ramona 11 Jun 2011

Mylar is a polyester film/plastic sheet and comes in a variety of finishes. It's like what you see Easter baskets wrapped in. Here is a site with lots of mylar digitized designs.


I have yet to purchase any so I don't know the best place. I know other Cuties have so they should be able to help with you finding some for purchase.