by sewensue 31 May 2011

I will finish it and mail it to this week.


by jrob Moderator 06 Jul 2011

How wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us.;)

by castelyn 06 Jul 2011

Sue thanks for sharing. It is great to see cuties meet with each other. Yes we are very lucky in Cape Town.
There will be a total of 11 ladies at our get together on Monday 11th - Plus a guest speaker "Hennie" who is from Madeira. Can't wait. Hugs Yvonne

by mysew1325 04 Jul 2011

I was so happy to put my arms around Sue... what a wonderful Cutie... Such a giving lady.. the quilts she does for so many people and the love she puts into them is truly amazing.. she and Jerry are very special people.. and now I am so happy to call them my friends.. It was a super hot and miserable day.. and her air condition in the house felt so good.. heaven.. even though our visit was short.. we will be visiting again..When Sue makes a quilt , she does a is amazing how she puts these together.. .. I love you Sue... thank you for all you do for so many people..

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sewensue by sewensue 05 Jul 2011

You are so welcome and a true friend thank you for our special time I had so much fun. I loved giving you some of my UFO's to finish. I to see you again some time love Sue

by bevgrift 06 Jun 2011

Such Fun!
Thanks for sharing pics and the quilt is lovely.
From Bev

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sewensue by sewensue 05 Jul 2011

Thank you our pleasure
hugs Sue

by airyfairy 04 Jun 2011

Thank you for posting the pictures - it is always lovely to see when Cuties meet.

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sewensue by sewensue 05 Jul 2011

Thank you it was so much fun the have some one to share all of your hard work with
Hugs Sue

by marthie 01 Jun 2011

Sue, thank you for sharing. You are a star. Wish I stayed close to you. It is soooooooo nice to meet with fellow Cuties.

sewensue by sewensue 01 Jun 2011

Hi! Marthie, You always show those wonderful get together you have and I to wish I could join your gatherings it looks like all you cuties have such a wonderful time. Maybe some day we will get the chance to meet.
It was funny me standing in the middle of the tell Chuck I see the top of the motor home can you see me yet? waving my arms like crazy directing her in the drive way. They are still on vacation for one more week and then she will be home I think.
Hugs Sue d. Ohio

castelyn by castelyn 06 Jul 2011

Hope so Sue - hugs Yvonne

by 02kar Moderator 31 May 2011

I love to hear about Cuties getting togeher. Everyone seems to have a good time. And the 38 Coupe is an added benifit. Hope you are able to get together again some time.

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sewensue by sewensue 01 Jun 2011

It was really great the first thing Kathy said A Cutie so glade to meet you did I say there was a great big hug!
Hugs Sue d. ohio

by shirlener88 31 May 2011

Sue & Kathy, this is wonderful - so happy to see that you all got to meet and that you had a great time - can't wait to hear what Kathy has to say about the sewing stuff. I know it was super for you each and now you have a special connection to another of the CUTE family - that will be a super bond for you each. What a lovely quilt - I love it.

sewensue by sewensue 01 Jun 2011

Thank you Shirlener, We had a great time, as did the men folk I think, boy and their toys. Kathy and I shared my quilts I have made and my love for the Aprons I sent a few home with to finish, can you believe I passed my UFO's on to her. Thank you for letting me share it was truly a good time a memory I will always love.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 06 Jul 2011

Kathy is good at aprons and kitchen items - I am sure she love them, Shirlene

by kalinelson 31 May 2011

How cool to be able to hubby would love the 38 coupe.....thanks for sharing.

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sewensue by sewensue 01 Jun 2011

Thank you Kalinelson, it was truly fun, when they were driving to find our house Kathy was the driver of this huge motor home and I ran out to the middle road to they could see me with arms waving saying can you see me yet! Hugs Sue d. Ohio

by devon 31 May 2011

Very nice photos. Thanks fo sharing. I would love to meet some cuties from NC. DeVon

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sewensue by sewensue 01 Jun 2011

Thank you Devon, my be in Sept. when I go check on my home in Troutman, N.C. we can meet would love to not sure of the date yet. My son went to school there and now he is home and I have a home there it is about 30mins. from Maryjo's Cloth would love to shop or just visit. Hugs Sue d. Ohio

by grandmamek 31 May 2011

Love the photos. It is always fun to hear when cuties meet up with each other. Hugs, Mary

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sewensue by sewensue 01 Jun 2011

Thank you Mary, it was so fun to meet we have sent things to each other in the mail and email each other so to finally meet was a real treat. Hugs Sue d. Ohio

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by sewensue 31 May 2011

The picture 1 is in the guy zone Chuck and Kathy are looking at Jerry's 1938 Coupe in progress.
2 Chuck is telling Cathy take this picture for him
3 Sue and Kathy with the unfinished quilt
4 a close up of Cuties Sue and Kathy
We had a lovely visit and it was so nice to have some one to talk to who loves sewing as much as you do. Kathy and I had a nice time looking in my sewing room and going through a few bins to see what we could find there is too much stuff in the room to be able to sew. I will let her share that part of the story with you. I hope you enjoy our pictures thank you for letting me share. Hugs Sue d. Ohio

shirlener88 by shirlener88 31 May 2011

How fun.

noah by noah 01 Jun 2011

lol thanks for letting us have a wee peek!!

sewensue by sewensue 02 Jun 2011

Thank you Shirlener88 and Noah, for letting me share our the occasion with you. I am going to finish her quilt today
Hugs Sue D. Ohio

castelyn by castelyn 06 Jul 2011

Thanks for sharing with us all. The pictures are great. Hugs Yvonne