by marleymoo 13 May 2011


I have only the basics I think as its hard to get embroidery supplies here. What are your top 3 things you would suggest I should get!
Thanks for your feedback!
Missed you all *****


by rachap 13 May 2011

If your friend hasn't signed up for a Joanne's preferred customer card she should do that first, it is free and she will get the good coupons in the mail and can use them when she gets things from your list if there is something that isn't usually on sale/. I'd definately put water soluable stabilizer, the biggest roll you can afford, thread is often 50% , as are the special Machine embroidery needles so maybe she could get a good supply of both. Even if she has to ship it to you,most of these are light wieght. Have fun choosing!!

by camylow 13 May 2011

I love to get their buttons when they go on clearance or close outs...I also get the remenants at 50% off...You can get the holiday fabrics (afterwards) for 50% to 70% off for next years projects....40% coupons gets stabilizers for me...and when they have fabric sales is when I get that......soooo 3 things mainly would be

1. stabilizers
2. cutting supplies (rulers-rotary cutters-scissors)
3. candy..(hehehe)its on the way to the check stands

by ramona 13 May 2011

Certainly stabilizer and threads. I don't know how I could work without my curved sharp pointed scissors. They are great for getting around applique designs and getting in and cutting the jump threads. I hang them from a zinger(I believe that's what it's called) off my shirt so they are with me at all times. Check out their site though to get more ideas.

by bevintex 13 May 2011

take a look on their website.

by anne55 13 May 2011

I agree with Shirlene. Different types of stabilizer is #1. Then thread (preferably on sale at 40-60% off). And luckily embroidery thread goes on sale fairly often at JoAnn.

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camylow by camylow 13 May 2011

its cheaper to get the metro thread at their sale prices even with shipping....

by shirlener88 13 May 2011

stabilizer, thread, and scissors

by 02kar Moderator 13 May 2011

Hmm, so many things to choose from. I think my top 3 would be Fray Check, a pair of small sharp pointed scissors, and crystals to bling up your projects. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit.