by adavisx3 08 May 2011

Today I am doubly blessed. Not only is today Mother's Day but it is also my daughter's 16th birthday. Where has 16 years gone? Am I really 16 years older too? Time will march on and on and ....


by blueeyedblonde 09 May 2011

The years go by so fast and they grow up on us - sometimes we don't realize just how much they have grown up until all of a sudden it hits us in the face!
Glad you had a wonderful day! Each one will be better than the last!

by grannyh 09 May 2011

My daughter is 47 and now thinks she is the mother!! What a blessing she is.

by adavisx3 09 May 2011

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes and Mother's Day sentiments. We both had a great day. Flowers for everyone. -- Aileen

by rmj8939 09 May 2011

Life moves so swiftly so enjoy your time with them while they are young. Hope her birthday and your Mother's day were great.

by shirlener88 09 May 2011

Happy Birthday to the sweet 16 girl. Yes, time does have a way to keep on marching on - we love that they get older - but it does mean we do, as well.

by airyfairy 09 May 2011

Hope you both had a wonderful day. It seems like yesterday my daughter was 16 and her eldest is now 16. Where do the years go????

by bevgrift 09 May 2011

Life, does jump ahead like that.
Happy Mother's Day! And Happy 16th To your Daughter!
From Bev

by daisy530 08 May 2011

OK--I have some good new and bad news--what do you want to hear first? The good new is daughters are a blessing at any age--the bad news--yes you are getting older! More good news--the older you get the dearer your daughter will be! Oh so mushy :) I just love my own daughter so much! Wish she was twins ;)

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bevgrift by bevgrift 09 May 2011

Mine with her, red hair, counted as twins.I adore her,She's 29yrs.

by dilceia 08 May 2011

You are not getting older... She is that grew very fast! Hehehehe!!!
Congratulations for you and its daughter! That God provides you many marvels!
A hug.

by camylow 08 May 2011

wait till you have the first grandchild...then it will seem like time has flown for sure...Congratulate your beautiful daughter on "turning 16" for me....deanna