by debbie3 01 May 2011

I have been reading about projects others have done and looking at the designs they used. Sorry.


by nanniesara 01 May 2011

The older posts are here for us to learn by and I myself love to learn new ways or better ways to do embroidery. We can always improve ourselves. That's what this site is all about to learn from one another. Don't apologize for trying to learn. We all have been new on here at one time. Have fun and ask questions someone will give you answers to you questions. Have a great day.

by leenova54 01 May 2011

No need to apologize to anyone, sometimes someone will bring something to the top that others missed too, that's why they are still posted. Leaving a comment lets the person who posted it long ago know that it is appreciated.

by clawton 01 May 2011

It just reminds us of information also. Did you know that you could click on the check mark and it will save the posting for you for ready access. That feature is great for those that you think you may want to refer back to one day.

by airyfairy 01 May 2011

There is no need to apologise. That is what they are there for. Just enjoy.

by castelyn 01 May 2011

Debbie, there is no need to apologise. Glad you are learning things from our old posts. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to ask if you need help. Hugs Yvonne

by mooie24 01 May 2011

Oh I love seeing the older posts, and meeting newbies . its such great fun seeing how people haved learned and shared everything..
Its great to see new ideas too, and old ideas which can give inspiration.. so thank you Debbie:-)
Big hugs from London
Maria xxx

by mysugarfootswife 01 May 2011

Well, personally I want to thank you. Because I've learned so much in the last few days. I've only been here a short while myself. So we both learned. And I commend you for speaking up. You're a good person. And I'm going to give you a flower when ever I see your post.

by jrob Moderator 01 May 2011

You shouldn't apologize,Debbie. I think it is just good manners to comment when you see something that is useful to you. If you just look, it doesn't bring them back up, but I like seeing and being reminded of some of the wonderful, creative ideas the Cuties have come up with. Most mark them by giving a flower so that they know if they have already seen it and don't need to re-open it. Hopefully, our speed will catch up with the number of members soon and it won't matter anyway then, cause we can once again zoom through.;)

by jofrog2000 01 May 2011

Hi debbie3, There us a lot of great information and places to find within the old posts. Giving a flower is the best way to thank someone for them, as the author can see their total going up to know someone has been looking. It just gets confusing when the old ones intermingle with the newer ones. There are so many posts daily, and they move to second and third pages very fast. Not everyone has dsl or unlimited usage to be able to wait for pages to open, only to see they might have outdated links. There are no visible rules here, one just has to hang around for a while to see how and where things are posted and found. I just wish the bookmarks could be rid of all the advertising so we could again put links there to fins as we discover new sites. So keep looking, ask questions, share your knowledge, and enjoy!

by mops Moderator 01 May 2011

No need to apologize, just enjoy the oldies and make a comment if you wish to. It's nice to see them come back up again!

by 02kar Moderator 01 May 2011

I think it is wonderful that you have gone back to see old posts. I don't think you need to apologize or to lose sleep over this. Enjoy each and every post in each and every tab. Feel free to leave a flower to thank the the person if you choose. Leaving flowers will not bring it back to the top.
It will be interesting to see what you learn as you go and to see if we have changed at all.

by lbrow 01 May 2011

You owe no one an apology, I enjoy going back & looking at the older projects, besides this is how we see improvement in ourselves & others. It's a learning process & a joy to see how much we improve as well as others over a length of time. That's a lot of what cute is, learning & helping others to learn this craft we so dearly love./Lillian

by claudenicolas 01 May 2011

I like very much to read those old post with good tips, do not be sorry, and ancient projects are always pleasant to see again. Often we have forgotten them, or never see them, and they give always good ideas.

by shirlener88 01 May 2011

Debbie, I love to see the older projects - for the same reason that I loved to see them the first time - because they give anyone that views them inspiration to try a new design or website or a new technique. Enjoy them - that is what they are there for.

by bevgrift 01 May 2011

No need to apoligize.
I think it is a good thing to do because there is such a lot of grand ideas and tips that I have found by reading older posts. I do the same, and am greatful that they are still there to learn from.
Happy stitching!
From Bev

by spendlove Moderator 01 May 2011

No need to apologise. I don't think there is a problem anyway in the projects section. The projects are posted for you to see and show your appreciation. It is mostly good when older ones pop back up.
Projects is the one area where we can delete our entries - I cleared out 50 or so of mine a few weeks ago. It helps to promote the smooth running of the site.

by sewmom 01 May 2011

Hi Debbie. I'm glad you saw the messages. We are just trying to stay organized which is hard with so many people and so many different opinions and needs here. As you probably figured out by now, replying to a post brings the message to the top which can be good if there is still useful information.
I hope you share more about yourself and your projects with us.