by sewlikedawn 29 Apr 2011

I picked my GD up and felt a pull and now my back is killing me! I have had back problems for a long time but I noticed that if I sit at my machine to long it's start to really bother me. I have different office chairs in my sewing room now but none of them give me the support I need.

Thanks Dawn


by capoodle 29 Apr 2011

When you sew you lean forward a bit so I bought a Mesh Back Support for $1.00 US at the Dollar Tree. It fills the lumbar space out and gives your back something to lean against. You can move it up and down to find the right spot for your back with the attached elastic.

by shirlener88 29 Apr 2011

I have a really nice office chair that I use at my PC and also at one of my embroidery machines - I have also a support massage back rest that my son gifted me and it helps support my back and when I need the added comfort from sitting or working too long - I can just turn on the heat and massage and take a rest. I also have a really nice leather task chair with good back support for my other embroidery machine - it is extremely comfortable and gives me great support, as well.

Check out the ad that is next to this posting - as well.

by noah 29 Apr 2011

Well the police station got new chairs and were heaving their old ones in the dump so my police son took a couple for his old mother lol carolyn

by theduchess 29 Apr 2011

I purchased this chair from this company a few months back. I LOVE IT!!I found it on EBAY Item # 300548196488 The back support is great. Padded seat. I have also seen it a local BROTHER and a BABYLOCK dealer. But he offers FREE SHIPPING! Same price as stores. Super easy to put together. Only thing I did I made a cover so i would not dirty this pretty print.Seat opens so I keep my USB sticks and my extra scissors or embroidery cd's here. hope it helps Stella

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by dragonflyer 29 Apr 2011

I know a lot of my sewing group has Koala chairs..some have extra high height adjustments, like bar stool height. I have an Herman Miller Aeron chair..made for professional jobs that have butts in the seats for 24 hours and comes with a 12 year full warranty. I went and got measured for the chair to make sure I got the right size. VERY adjustable, very confortable, very expensive, but I'm worth it and would do it again!

ramona by ramona 29 Apr 2011

Oooo it sounds wonderful! Make you want to sit and sew/embroidery all day and night!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 29 Apr 2011;refid=G22708.[herman+miller+aeron+chair]&gclid=CJj62eDqwqgCFQQ-bAodmllBqQ

by ramona 29 Apr 2011

I have one that is a secretaries chair. It was made by Florida Desk. I really like it. When the doctor office closed where I worked, I finished up some of their collections from home. They gave me whatever furniture I wanted. It's a high back with adjustable height. I also have very nice chair that came with my Koala Desk. It has some spring to it when you sit. That's my favorite. It's also a high back. It was a package deal when I got my Designer SE. Good luck with your search.