by faerynutt 05 Apr 2011

Has Veronika ever mentioned to anyone about starting a Embroidery Yahoo Group? I think it would be great fun!!!


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by faerynutt 07 Apr 2011

Well I guess I was brought up with the old says if you can't say something NICE don't say anything at all. Believe me, I have had to bite my tongue A LOT through my life to adhear to that saying. But I believe it's helped me become a better person for it and maybe that is why so many people come to me to vent or tell me their problems, because they know I won't say anything mean or lecture them. Just listen, sometimes with this venting they come to the realization that their problem is minor or sometimes the verbalizing of it helps them to understand and overcome or solve the issue.

This maybe a little OT to this subject but once when I was going to work I was on a Ferry (I live on an Island in the Pacific Northwest) I had a complete stranger come up to me and ask me to sign a paper saying she was heading to the hospital for surgery on her knee, it was to comfirm she was of sound mind (I think, it's been awhile ago), I asked here if it didn't have to be signed by someone that knew her, and she said no that it was just a precaution. SO I signed it for her and then as she was leaving I wished her good luck on her surgery and that I knew it would go well for her. She turned around and gave me the oddest look, like nobody had ever wished her well/good luck before, especially not a stranger.

So from years of this I guess I must put out some sort of vibe that people feel they can come to me and feel safe and not be judged. Anyway that's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

by jofrog2000 07 Apr 2011

Obviously there are more than just me, that haven't fessed up to belonging to yahoo groups, or there would not be postings about the free designs. They are like any other club you join, you like it and stay, or don't and leave. I have learned many, many things on them and at the ones where the owner is a daily participant, it is a great experience. Ads have become a part of these, because there are so many designers out there trying to make some money. Considering what a set of designs cost when I first started-$100 and over-I appreciate being able to buy lots for less. As I said before, I have mine on digest, and can skip over the ads, which are prefaced by AD, so you know, and can read what I want to.

by evajungermann 07 Apr 2011

What is the advantage of having it?
Chat, Download, Upoad, Information?
We already have it, don't we?

by faerynutt 06 Apr 2011

Well, it seems the ones who seem to hate the Yahoo Groups don't even seem to have ever belonged to one. I guess I won't post here tips, free design, great places to buy products or sell some of your item or great sale prices. If you want them you'll have to join these groups yourself. I got such a good deal from a Yahoo group on a lightly used embroidery machine with so many extra item, that I sold most of what I didn't need/want or already had and made almost most of my $1,100 back and got an almost new Bernina Artista for nothing. Wish I'd never mentioned it! It was only a thought.

mranderson by mranderson 06 Apr 2011

Faerynutt don't let this little hiccup deter you from conbtributing to this community. Like everything, you win some & you lose some, thats life. There may be as many out there who think it was a good idea. Sometimes you only hear the negatives and never the positives. Everyone is entitled to their own ideas. You seem to have had a good experience with Yahoo Groups and you are entitled to your opinion too. I usually do not make these sort of replies but think it would be a shame if you let this affect you in any way. Love Marg

ramona by ramona 06 Apr 2011

I don't feel anyone was wanting to hurt your feelings. They were just giving their opinion. They didn't know your intent. Never hurts to ask. I do belong to about 7 yahoo sites and I try to visit them but takes so much time and I sometimes forget about them. Instead of the mail area I go straight to the sites and scan each one for information or to see if I can be of help. I guess my main Yahoo group would be the Gammill site. I'm sorry if you have hard feelings toward the answers and please don't be sad. Cuties are just wanting this one to stay as it is.

Another note. Sounds like you did really great with your sales and getting your Bernina Artista. Wow!!! Good for you! Congratulations on that!! Can't wait to see some of your projects with your new machine.

moyed by moyed 07 Apr 2011

I have belonged to many groups, faerynut, 5 pages of them. resigned from most now. dont see the need for so many. Cute is a full site with all the advantages and much more with all 4 sites. I rarely have the time to give to any more groups. I am working full time, have a 6 month study course and try to find time for family and embroidery. Dont be disheartened, we enjoy the input you make to this site as well. hugs. Helen

by mnladyus 06 Apr 2011

WOW...not to many of us like the yahoo groups. I hope the ones that have yahoo groups will see this post.

by lindalee757 06 Apr 2011

LOL-I have to agree with the majority-I wouldn't want to have a yahoo group either. I have only signed on to 2 or 3(Eric's, Judy-pnw and a janome one- hate all the extra junk that ends up in my email so I just end up deleting the mail and the account. ~linda~

by kttyhwk4 06 Apr 2011

Why would anyone want more junk mail? Personally I like "Cute" just the way it is.....we can always communicate with one another through pms and our comments.

by leenova54 06 Apr 2011

How on earth would making this a yahoo group make it great fun? Yahoo groups are a pain with all their junk mail and if you won't accept the emails they won't let you use the site, I don't do yahoo groups. Miss Veronika has this site fixed up pretty near perfect, why ruin a good thing?

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faerynutt by faerynutt 06 Apr 2011

I didn't mean turn this one into a Yahoo group, this is a Forum. It would be seperate from this one. It is also a great way for her to get more members ans sell more of her designs. It was just a thought.

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by dlmds 06 Apr 2011

NOT!! I do not like Yahoo Group's. I like the way Veronika has her sites set-up. There are already many Embroidery Yahoo Group's that you can go to--if you prefer them. H&*

by jofrog2000 06 Apr 2011

This is basically a group without all the ads that yahoo groups are full of. I do belong to a few, but get my mail in digest form-up to 25 emails in one, and I can quickly scan through to see what I want to read. You do need a yahoo address to join, but do not need to use it for your messages. I use hotmail. There are some really great ones with great owners as well as the annoying ones.
But I always spend a lot of my time here cause it's a great place to be.

by kiffuri 06 Apr 2011

would not join.

by sdrise 06 Apr 2011

I don't go on Yahoo groups. I like it here. The people are so nice and helpful. Miss V has her hands full already. I am staying right here. I agree with the comments below too Thanks Suzanne

by grafiau 06 Apr 2011

I agree with all the below comments, cute is great as it is. Ruth

by judybell 06 Apr 2011

I love this site the way it is. I've never joined a yahoo group.

by rmj8939 06 Apr 2011

I kinda like this just as it is. It is a beautiful site. It seems more personal and friendly, like neighbors.

by gerryvb 06 Apr 2011

personly I don't like yahoo groups, for me Cute is great as it is now.Sorry, don't like the idea but *4u and all.

by claudenicolas 06 Apr 2011

I do not see what a yahoo group could be better than what we have here on Cute, I like our site as it is
I do not like Yahoo groups, and I do not go on them.

by mnladyus 05 Apr 2011

I like this group, I don't do the yahoo groups. Many times you have to sign up to even see their designs. If I have to sign up to see their designs, than I guess I don't ned to buy any or get the free ones. I just don't like all the junk mail they send. The few I did join in the past have been put into the spam folder.

by caroldann 05 Apr 2011

Sorry, don't do yahoo groups.

by beatie58 05 Apr 2011

I agree I find Yahoo groups a pain, I prefer cute by yards....Sorry to disappoint! hugs sally

by fannyfurkin 05 Apr 2011

I agree with everyone else here, Yahoo groups are a pain, they just fill your email inbox up with things you don't have time to read. The way cute is where you can browse through at your leisure and respond if you want to is quite suitable to me. Sorry to poo poo your idea but I, and clearly others have not had good experiences with Yahoo groups.

by grandmamek 05 Apr 2011

I would not be interested in a Yahoo group. I like the way the sites are now. Hugs, Mary

by moyed 05 Apr 2011

No, I am not interested in joining another Yahoo group. I have enough with the cute websites and the lace yahoo. Helen

by mysugarfootswife 05 Apr 2011

The woman is split so many ways now. Don't see how she could do it. This is fun to me.

by bevintex 05 Apr 2011

I would not join. Personally I don't like the yahoo groups. I had joined a few but canceled every one of them. I'm not bad mouthing any of them but they are just not for me

by mranderson 05 Apr 2011

Personally I enjoy the sites the way they are. Veronika has several sites to maintain already. I was going to join a Yahoo group a few months back but I think I would have to have a Yahoo address (Not sure). I decided against it. I do not know anything about Yahoo Groups and am happy with what we have here. Marg