by marleymoo 03 Apr 2011

....Today the world celebrates Mothers!!!

Myself, Im a mother to my beautiful, amazimg daughter, Emily who is 22 months old and my little doggie Marley!


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by lindalee757 03 Apr 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful,wonderful and loving Mom's in Ireland and UK. Here in the United States we celebrate it on May 8th-hope by the time we celebrate it-mother nature doesn't decide to have a hissy-fit and throw foul weather at us-we got hit with a nasty snow storm one year and other years it gets to be hot, sunny and summerlike-go figure- lol. Have a beautiful Sunday to all you mom's and mom's to be ! ~linda~

by 02kar Moderator 03 Apr 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all mother wherever they may be. It is a ogh but rewarding job.

by mary51 03 Apr 2011

Happy Mother's Day anyway, i think it should be Mother's day every day. In USA and Cuba it is the second Sunday of May, in Dominican Republic is the last Sunday of May.

by gerryvb 03 Apr 2011

okay for that cuties that do celebrate it today; happy mom's day!

by shirlener88 03 Apr 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

by marleymoo 03 Apr 2011

Sorry for the confusion, I thought all of Europe Celebrated it today....Looks like its only Ireland and the UK!

ansalu by ansalu 03 Apr 2011

No problem :o)
Hope you got the same wonderful sunshine like we have it here. It's so hot that the kids jump naked in our inner courtyard covvered with sand and water! Neighbours start the barbeque-season yesterday. Did I ever emntioned that I live in a corner of my country with extrem nice weather? ;o)
Greetings, bettina

mops by mops 03 Apr 2011

Had the same weather here yesterday - meals in the garden, etc, but today it's grey and a litthe foggy.

by mops Moderator 03 Apr 2011

It's only Great Britain that celebrate Mothering Sunday today, the rest do it second Sunday in May and Father's day the third Sunday in June.

But Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate it today.

by cathiejones 03 Apr 2011

Thank you and happy motherday to you too !
I live in England and it is celebrated today.
If I am not mistaken, France celebrate it to another day. I am French and try my hardest not to forget my mother. I will still wish it to her today !!
Cathie Jones

by ansalu 03 Apr 2011

Don't know in which part of Europe you live but here in Germany we celebrate Mothers Day at 8.5.2011 this year. Late april fool? ;o)
Greetings, Bettina

mranderson by mranderson 03 Apr 2011

Oh!!! Bettina you got me. I am in Australia (the big country at the bottom of the map or the top whatever way you look at it). April 3rd here you are a bit laaaaaaaate. LOL Marg

ansalu by ansalu 03 Apr 2011

Was not me :o)
There is no common "Mother Day" in Europe (as cathiejones write in France it is also later like here in Germany).
Did you read my reply to the "3 beautiful alphas"? *lol*
Greetings, Bettina

mranderson by mranderson 03 Apr 2011

Sorry Bettina. I got you mixed up with marleymoo. I am the one that is confused, must be standing on my head today. LOL Marg

lindalee757 by lindalee757 03 Apr 2011

It's the same here in the US Bettina- May 8th. ~linda~

by mranderson 03 Apr 2011

Happy Mothers Day to you all. Love Marg from Australia.