by jid53 23 Mar 2011

When you down load a design why do some have two pes formats,do I need to download both?


by lbrow 25 Mar 2011

Jid, are you sure you are not mistaking the pcs for a pes. I have in times by not looking closely realized I Dled the PCS instead of the PES. These are two seperate formats./Lillian

by danababes 24 Mar 2011

Some designs (eg in DBC) have either two parts to the design, or there are two different pes sizes given, so when you DL them you need to rename the 2nd one or it will overwrite the first pes file you DL'd. :)

by ramona 24 Mar 2011

I will download the pes when my format isn't available. I do the lower case pes but I understand the PES is more up to date???? I had accidently downloaded one in PES and it didn't work for me. Not really sure. Maybe someone else here can answer you so I'll move you to the top of the list. Guess you could download both and then see what works for you.