by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

I have a question for everyone.

Hopefully someone can help.

I hear from many people who use a Ped Basic, which often have problems with Pes files, that he apparently can not see and handle.
I get this complaint often heard. I want those people to help, but I do not know how.
I’ve heard that if you e.g. Hus download, and convert it to Pes that it succeeds.
But apparently not everyone.
Who knows this problem and how to solve it.
I have no Ped Basic and can not find out.

People ask me all my patterns in other formats to be delivered, but there are thousands and I have really no time for.
How can I help people.

I once had a Ped Basic and as soon as he entered, he went out again.
That bad thing, I could not work with.

Thanks for your time and advice.

Greetings 10tje


by shop 22 Mar 2011

I think the problem with the PED Basic is not our machines or us but Brother. Everyone has problems with PED and I have had to call Brother so many times for help which is almost non-existing. I have a 750D which I love and just hook up my computer to the embroidery machine and load the patterns that way. Hope you can work this out. I just took the easiest way I could!!! I download to my computer and transfer it to the machine. PED usually just sits in the box it came in. I have enough stress in my life without stress when I am doing the one thing I love the most. I also use an external hard drive (in fact two) to back up all my designs.

danababes by danababes 22 Mar 2011

Some of us have older machines where we cant hook them up to our computer or use USB sticks so we have to use cards - or the built-in designs :) I havent had a problem with PED Basic but it bugs me that Brother doesnt ship the package with up-to-date software so that others wouldnt have problems with it :) xXx

10tje by 10tje 23 Mar 2011

thanks for your response

by arisann 22 Mar 2011

Hi, I do not know how to help. But I am so glad you asked, because my Daughter has a Brother embroidery sewing maching and we need to get software for her to be able to see designs and so forth. I have 5.0 version that came with my Brother machine. But we bought her machine used and they did not include the program or the dongle. We will try to purchase later for her. Reading all this information is very helpful. So thanks so much to everyone.

danababes by danababes 22 Mar 2011

Version 5? I believe you're referring to PE Design (the digitising software) not PED Basic which is currently at version 1.07 :)

If she needs a dongle (card reader/writer), you could buy PED Basic from ebay USA. It cost me around US$100 and even after adding postage was much cheaper than buying here in Australia - something like AU$300 without the card was the price I was quoted from Brother AU (the card is an extra AU$130). The PED Basic package I got had the reader/writer, the cd, the manual and a blank card included in the genuine Brother box. Be aware that the reader/writer probably wont work with PE Design but its still a way to transfer designs to her machine if hers is older (like mine) and doesnt have the USB port. :)

10tje by 10tje 23 Mar 2011

thanks for your response

by 10tje 22 Mar 2011

This is the solution.
Fully tested by: Barbnic
So all credit to her.
She has written especially for anyone who also has problems.
Hopefully now everyone helped.
Hopefully this works for everyone.

Greetings 10tje

1. Make sure you can unzip rar files --winrar.
2. Set up 3 files that you can work out of.
3. Download Pulse Ambassador free from Ann the Gran.
4. Go to website --choose design--download to file 1.
5. Right click on rar file and choose the second extract that contains the file
Name. Then click on file folder and this may take another click to see
Pes design files show --usually has a green ball out beside these files.
There will be a file for each size.
6. Bring up Pulse ambassador and click on yellow file folder in upper left
Corner. A box will appear that says look in --select the file 1 that you
Just down loaded to.
7. Go to Files of Type and change to pes.
8. Hit open.
9. You will see design appear in box icon preview.
10. This will take you back to screen that has yellow file on it-- go to top of
Screen that says file and click on save as. This will take you back to
box that lets you change design format--change to hus.
11. Then close on dropdown under file
12. Change all the files listed in the box to pes repeat step 6-11. Starting
Clicking on the yellow file.
13. When finished making format changes open file 1.
14. Move all hus files into file 2. Do not copy. These files will have the
extension .hus on them. Choose file 2 in Pulse Ambassador.
15. Now do step 6 through 11 and this time change to pes 1.0
16. Once you have converted these files to pes go to ped basic. Find
File 2 --click and your pictures of the design will appear. If there are
Multiple sizes only the ones that your ped design and machine can use
17. Once you make sure that the designs are there --move all these files to
Files 3 which is your working pattern file. Then once you have your
Designs there go and delete all files in file one and start over. This is
A work around to download any older software.

10tje by 10tje 22 Mar 2011

it can be used on any format to convert older software.

danababes by danababes 22 Mar 2011

hrm that's interesting. I'm wondering if the clients having trouble are actually unpacking the digitised designs before they try putting them on their cards using PED Basic - something which hadnt occurred to me until I read this. Yes, they have to be unpacked using winrar, winzip or 7zip first. I guess it was taken for granted that they'd unpacked the files first, but still, PED Basic is backwards compatible, meaning it should open older versions of pes files. Its a shame so many are having problems with this :( xXx

10tje by 10tje 23 Mar 2011

thanks for your response

by bettytaylor 20 Mar 2011

if you go to Brother web site, many people are experiencing this problem including me. i did what they suggested, delete file and reinstall since you can download again from their site, to no avail. what did work was my backup. downloaded this to my computer from my stick and everything is working fine. good luck hope you have a backup. betty

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10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011


by barbnic 20 Mar 2011

I konw the answer and it works everytime will post in a few hours.

by barbnic 20 Mar 2011

I konw the answer and it works everytime will post in a few hours.

by danababes 20 Mar 2011

10tje, if its "no sewing data" that clients are seeing in PED Basic then I'm with Maria - the clients need to update their PED Basic to the 1.07 drives me nuts that this package still ships with the 1.0 version on the CD (which will only read up to pes version 4 I believe).

Also the design data must fit within the hoop selected, if the design is slightly too large then there is a picture of a resizing hoop over the design, meaning that if its resized then it can be transferred but if the design is too large for the hoop selected it'll have a picture of a crossed out hoop over the design (meaning they cant transfer it to the card) if this is the case then the design will have to be resized smaller.

I just tried, and my PED Basic wont allow me to open or convert hus files, only pes files. (Yes, my version is current).

PED-Design is Brother's digitising software which will import hus files so they can be converted to pes, but as this is digitising software it has a hefty price tag - your clients might be better off converting with free software such as Pulse Ambassador or Wilcom's TrueSizer, if all they want to do is convert hus to pes, or pes files to a lower version (eg: pesV6 to pesV4).

I'll add the links to the upgrade for PED Basic for xp, TrueSizer and Ambassador.

I hope this helps you & your clients, thx for all you offer on your site :) xXx

10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

Thank you very much.

I have the link sent to her.
Then she can see for herselve how she can best do.
Thanks for your help and your clear explanations.

danababes by danababes 20 Mar 2011

You're welcome :)

oops I see a typo in my post. PE Design not "PED-Design" as I had written, is Brother's digi software. xXx

10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

I understand you, others will surely have understood.

by jkdavis1996 20 Mar 2011

I tried to use the PES format of 10tje's funny face #68. I do not have any software on my computer. I can simply downoad the PES file and transfer it to my USB stick. Then, when I put the USB in my Brother Innovis 4000d, it would not display the file as a choice. I do not have software on my computer, I can only download the PES file, transfer it to my USB, and pull it up on the embroidery machine. So, I was not able to use the face. Through several emails...we learned that she had digitized that file with an old software (not sure which one) and she re-did a file and sent it to me. I was able to see the new one. But if you go to the following link, I think the PES format is what is giving us fits...but the other formats are working. Maybe this will help clear up some of her question.

10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

But many people have already made ​​patterns.
Even those made ​​by my old program.
This is not no problem.
It is the Ped Basic who has problems.
There have been many funny faces made​​. and they are all made ​​with that old program.
It could well be that my old program. and ped basic, do not mix. But I can remember that some patterns are seen.
But luckily you can finally make what you wanted to make.

greetings 10tje

jkdavis1996 by jkdavis1996 20 Mar 2011

Okay, maybe I didn't understand your concern. I thought maybe you were asking about my problem. But as I don't even use PEd basic or any other software, I am not part of this problem.
However, I have completed the burp cloth with the funny face #68 and will email you a copy as well as put it in projects. Thank you for your help. Karen

10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

No, this is not a result of your mail to me.
I get this very often hear from others.

10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

So I got an email from someone who really is not one of my current patterns, can use.
I find this very sad, I would love to help that person.

by jkdavis1996 20 Mar 2011

Maybe I can help, by giving an example that 10tje and I had to work around...we did not correct the problem...but found a work around. I do not know enough about digitzing to answer the solution.

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jkdavis1996 by jkdavis1996 20 Mar 2011

just a moment...technically challenged this a.m.

by mops Moderator 20 Mar 2011

First of all, PED basic is only a writer. It can resize a few %, and you can print from it. But it can not reformat.
I have PED basic version 1.0, which has since been superseded, but I've had no problems so far. The problem seems to be designs that are made with newer versions of PE-Design.

Husqvarna software can read pes versions 2-8, it writes pes version 2 if the design is smaller than 130 x 180 mm, as version 6 when larger.

Embird can read PES version 1, 2, 2.5, 4.0, 5.5 and 6.0 and write PES version 3 and 5.

So I can imagine reformatting through one of those might do the trick if your PED-basic can only handle lower versions of PES.

10tje, I don't know what software you use, but can't you do a batch-conversion straight from the design file to as many formats as you want? I can't in 3D, but can in 5D as well as in Embird. I usually do 8 formats and it does not take much more time than doing one - just an extra click to say 'yes' to saving them.
Groetjes, Martine

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10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

I only know that I should do 1 for 1.
So I use on my website, one size.
Would I do, I can offer anyone much less.

But thanks for your response, so it is very clear for people.

by mooie24 20 Mar 2011

I use ped basic its very good :-)
there are many reasons ..
1, go to brother and download latest softwear I am running version 1.07.
2, when you have your ped basic open on your desk top. select your hoop size (4x4 or 5x7)this will then only show files that fit inside that hoop.
so perhaps your design is to big ??
3, make sure you have selected the correct location to transfer the design
I have taken this image from my desk top
it may help :-)
Big hugs from London
Maria xx

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10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

Thank you for this great explanation.

I'll pass it to the person who always encounter this problem.
Thank you very much

by free3wil 20 Mar 2011

I have had Ped Basic since I started embroiderying also. When I started out, I had VISTA ;-( and you have to download from internet instead of using disk. Then, that computer died along with all my designs. I now have a new computer with windows XP and downloaded from the disk. I have never had any problems with PED BASIC with either computer. I have found that it does not like PES format, it likes pes format. Do you think if you un-installed it and went to the itnernet to download instead of the disk, that would make a difference? I don't know, cause I don't understand all that computer talk. I just know mine works and have never had a problem. I hate to hear you had problems.

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 20 Mar 2011

That has given me a glimmer of understanding and a very easy fix. all you have to do is right click on the fie and go to rename. then select the part after the dot. that says PES highlight it and type in pes.

10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

I always use pes, not PES
So that problem is not solved with my pattern.

by fannyfurkin 20 Mar 2011

I have no answer unfortunately, I don't have PED basic, but here is my interpretation of what 10 is saying. I am posting this in the hope that it will clarify her question. I have not even asked her if this is what she means, but I do think I know my very good friend well enough by now. so here it is, she is free to scold me if I have misrepresented her.

I hear from a lot of people using PED basic that they often have problems with PES files, apparently the software cannot convert the files. I want to help these people but I don’ t know how. I have heard that you can convert HUS to PES. But only occasionally it would appear that it is not consistent. It would seem the software is not reliable. I don’t have PED basic so I can’t test it. People often ask me for files in many formats but there are so many formats I can’t manage this.
I had PED basic but I could not use it. I could not work out the error.
I would appreciate any help in order to assist with this problem.

10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

Thanks alice.
The biggest problem to be shown that the Ped Basic, pes sometimes not able to read.
And some people, my patterns can not use.
Why can the Ped Basic, not read those files?
Yes it is sometimes a problem so difficult to explain in English.
Unfortunately I have not found a solution, so I keep looking.

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 20 Mar 2011

OK. I thought I said that, but as I read my response again I realize I was not clear. Or in fact my understanding was not clear. It would seem that sometimes PED basic can not always read PES files. Now this is Alice talking, What the? isn't PED a brother program? please correct me if I am wrong, but should PED basic not be able to recognize PES files? So anyway. any help here would be good.

10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

A Ped Basic is a card writer / reader.

10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

What is also strange:
A Ped Basic is a Brother Card Reader / Writer ..
And format, that brother used: pes.
So it would certainly be a pes read / write.

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 20 Mar 2011

That is what I would have thought also. It is bed time for me now. so I am going to say goodnight to you here and also over at my site where you are officially on duty as the welcoming committee. hehehe.

10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

Good night and thanks

by tauberschmitt 20 Mar 2011

seit ich die Bilder mit 7 Zip umwandel habe ich keine Probleme mehr! Vorher ging es mal und mal nicht.Mit der 5 D Embroidery geht es auch hervorrragend ich hoffe sie können das Problem lösen.
Viel Glück und vielen dank für die vielen Bilder

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10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011


by gagamarshab 20 Mar 2011

I have had Ped Basic for years, ever since I started machine embroidering. The only time I had problems with it was when I changed computers, but that really wasn't a problem with the program itself. I can't understand what the situation might be. Sorry.

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10tje by 10tje 20 Mar 2011

Fortunately you have no problems.
Anyway, thanks for your reply.