by joanne8125 19 Mar 2011

Yipee, look at me. I am up to 3000 flowers. Pretty soon I will be able to catch up to Shirley. LOL Thank you all


by mranderson 20 Mar 2011

If you mean Shirlene, I just want to say "in your dreams". Don't think we have a hope of catching Shirlene. Anyway here is another * for your collection. :-) Marg

by joanne8125 20 Mar 2011

Thank you so much I appreciate all the flowers and the daffodils, very pretty.

by jrob Moderator 19 Mar 2011

If you are going to catch up to Shirlene, you'd better get BUSY!!!! Congratulations, and I'm leaving you one more towards your goal.;)

by shirlener88 19 Mar 2011

Joanne, CONGRATULATIONS on your 3rd big milestone - here is one to help you catch up, too.

by kathyjt 19 Mar 2011

Here's another *.

by devon 19 Mar 2011

Have one more!!! From my garden!!!