by mysugarfootswife 19 Mar 2011

Been embroidering off and on for 4 years. Bought a used machine. Lady died and hubby also gave me lots of designs and just now beginning to add to the pile. I'm almost 70, with 2 "kids", 4 grands and 4 greats. Think that makes me kinda old. Lived in Georgia, near Atlanta all of my life. Been sewing since I was 15. Love it. When I'm down, I start to sew. Takes my mind right off my problems. The embroidery machine is beginning to do that, too since I started really using it instead of just playing. It's a Bernina, older, but works great for me. My favorite designs are Jacobean. Like the colors mostly.


by gramsbear 26 Mar 2011

Welcome to Cute!!! I am a GrGram also!!! Great to have you here with us! Hugs, Judy

by katydid 26 Mar 2011

Welcome, Granny Dee!! I must say that you have just received about the best welcome messages ever and each one is genuine. I, too, am from the Atlanta, GA. area. Maybe we are neighbors. I will send you a PM to exchange locations if you like. Kay

by airyfairy 20 Mar 2011

Welcome to Cute. You will love it here. Everybody is so helpful. I also love Jacobean designs and also have an old Bernina.

by marthie 20 Mar 2011


by lani02 20 Mar 2011

Welcome. THis web site and people are great, very supportive. You will find lots of sites with free designs and lost of advice. I live in nothern California.

by beckybowman 20 Mar 2011

Hi, Welcome to cute! You will love it here! From your neighbor, only a couple states over, Mississippi.

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kiyagrace by kiyagrace 25 Mar 2011

Hello, I'm also pretty new to this group. The designs and information offered here are wonderful! I've learned so much in such a short time.

by barbara68 19 Mar 2011


by noah 19 Mar 2011

welcome to cute !!!carolyn

by maymason1 19 Mar 2011

welcome get ready for the community here you will find everything you need, if you don't find it just ask.we have wonderful people here... God Bless////mm

by dilceia 19 Mar 2011

Welcome, you will love this site!

by lbrow 19 Mar 2011

Welcome Ga. girl from another Ga. girl who now lives in Al. Gotcha by a few yrs. You are a welcome addition to this wonderful world of Cutes. You will find lots of Ga. girls around/Lillian

by melita 19 Mar 2011

I am so glad you are here with us, and glad you found the best place also. Have fun

by sandralochran 19 Mar 2011


by sewlikedawn 19 Mar 2011

Welcome to Cute!!! Cute can get very addicting! But your going to love it here!

by beatie58 19 Mar 2011

Hugs and Welcome to cute! You are never too old to do anything! Sally

by lindalee757 19 Mar 2011

Hi "newbie" here's a big warm,friendly welcome to you from Northern New York state and all of us at "cute"

by mranderson 19 Mar 2011

A warm welcome to the group. You will soon become addicted to this site, so don't say you were not warned. Have fun. I am sure other Cuties have given you advice on how to get around this site. There is a lot to learn but you will soon catch on. Marg from Australia.

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mysugarfootswife by mysugarfootswife 19 Mar 2011

I think that's one thing I like. Been reading some of the post. ALL OVER THE PLANET! Amazing to me.

by caroldann 19 Mar 2011

Welcome! So glad you found us. you're going to love it here!

by lilylady 19 Mar 2011

Welcome here at cute. Hope you like what you see.

by mi30kaja 19 Mar 2011

Hello and welcome. You will enjoy yourself here but don't plan anything other than being hooked on this site. Lyn

by jrob Moderator 19 Mar 2011

Hello, and I wanted you to know that I'm GLAD you are here. Several Cuties scattered in GA and more close to central Ga. just over the border in Alabama. Welcome to CUTE. If we can help you or answer any of your question, please feel free to ask. Also click on the "blue" words to the left and it will help you find your way around.;)

by jid53 19 Mar 2011

Hello and welcome to cute from Aussie land

by asterixsew Moderator 19 Mar 2011

Hi and welcome

by clawton 19 Mar 2011

Welcome. You will love it here.

by kttyhwk4 19 Mar 2011

Welcome to Cute...think you'll love it here. Warning though as its a very addictive site. Enjoy and post your projects. Hugs Karen

by anangel 19 Mar 2011

Another "Granny", here! Welcome! I, also, live in Georgia, near Macon! We are having the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival here this week. The Yoshino Cherry trees are not in full bloom yet, but will beautiful before the end of the week, if the weather stays as warm as it is today!
I agree sewing and embroidery does help take your mind off other things, which at time is good therapy for coping (or surviving)!! LOL
I am glad you have joined the Cuties! This is a great group!

by spendlove Moderator 19 Mar 2011

Welcome - make yourself at home.

by kathyjt 19 Mar 2011

Welcome to cute.

by shirlener88 19 Mar 2011

Welcome to the CUTE family - what do we call you - my name is Shirlene. So happy to hear that you got a deal on a machine and that you are loving embroidery - please take pictures of the things that you are working on and share them in PROJECTS for all of us to be inspire - ya'll come back now! *4U

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mysugarfootswife by mysugarfootswife 19 Mar 2011

Nick-nack name as my little daughter used to call them is Dee, but I've been Granny so long now that it's stuck.

by donnalou 19 Mar 2011

I am fairly new to the site also. Welcome, lots of nice people on this site. I think they can answer any question related to sewing and embroidery. Lots of talent on this site.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 20 Mar 2011

And welcome to u 2.

by sewemb 19 Mar 2011

Hi and Welcome to Cute

by sewemb 19 Mar 2011

Hi and Welcome

by babsie 19 Mar 2011

Welcome to Cute and please do not feel old, I'm 71 and started embroidering in 2007. I stay in Centurion, South Africa and it's a pity u are so far away we could have visited and swop ideas, but we all are like family here, so u will enjoy it. Hugs

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by lindaavolio 19 Mar 2011

Welcome to Cute....your going to LOVE it here.
If you have any questions, please post them and you'll get your answer quickly...hehhehe
Hugs and Welcome

by marleymoo 19 Mar 2011

Welcome to Cute, its so addictive and you will learn soooo much, feel free to ask any questions at all no matter how silly...we'll all help out!
Marley in Ireland! *4U

by sewmom 19 Mar 2011

Welcome to Cute!

Here are a few tips and a tutorial link that were passed to another new Cutie recently:

Clicking "reply" will send the post to the top of the page.
Clicking "comment" under a reply will send the reply to the top of the post but will not send the post to the top of the page.
Experiment on this post of yours. Be sure to click submit under the box you fill out.

By the way. Flowers are for fun, saying thank you, and marking a post you read. Click the flower and it changes color. You can only give one flower to each post and you cannot give yourself one. You also get a flower for coming to Cute ever day. Your flower count will show up under your screen icon.

For more information look to the left on this page and see "tutorials". You can also use the left search engine to help find things that have been tagged.
Glad you found us....its all in time how you learn to learn each day something new...WELCOME TO THE CUTE FAMILY...I put the community page as my favorite when I click on it automatically goes here....the tabs you see are public/freebies/personal/private...

public is supposed to be for things that have to do with embroidery or sewing maybe warnings of viruses, etc....

freebies tab is where you can post freebies you have found and would like to share with can find the links to other sites here for you to go to and download (dl)...

personals is where you find or post things that aren't really for public...these are where prayer requests, illnesses, family things, personal questions go....

private (PM) is an area where just you and the other person you are in contact can see. this is done by clicking on their name it goes to another screen..there is a tab under their name that says PRIVATE clicking on it you will be directed to another link to type something for them directly...remember only that person will see it. If you receive a pm from someone, you will see a +1 number on your private tab...this will indicate either one was sent to you or someone has answered the pm you sent...

in the blue area you will see the words designs/redworks/alphabets/lace/applique and cross stitch....these are the designs that our LOVELY VERONIKA (site owner) has placed the designs in..

off to the top you see other tabs designs by cuties or (dbs) is where our talented cuties have digitized their designs and posted them for us to dl...these are free and very much appreciated..

projects is where we post the lovely creations we have made....

reviews is a tab for how we rate different products we have used or have...

bookmarks is another area (before freebie tab) where other sites are for people to see and go to.

Community is where you are now..almost always someone or many can and will answer all your you find your new family and sooooo many new we share love laughter and tears..strength and courage to go through life as it is....

If you see a posting you want to go back to, up by the poster name their is a check clicking on it, you can save it and return to it late...
you also have a tabs that are my questions/my answers/ clicking on one of these you get all the questions you have asked, or all the answers you have made, or the ones you marked by clicking on the check marks.

spendlove by spendlove 19 Mar 2011

This tutorial should be sent to all new members when they join! Well done for putting it together.

anangel by anangel 19 Mar 2011

I agree! Great tutorial for the Cute site! Thanks!

mysugarfootswife by mysugarfootswife 19 Mar 2011

I see what you mean. The flowers are adding up fast. I think I like this place. Everybody is friendly. Not like some forums that I joined and didn't do a thing with. Felt like I was intruding.

katydid by katydid 26 Mar 2011

great job!! Wish I had these instructions when I first came aboard. I have been here so long , some didn't exist. Ha! Ha!

by tippi 19 Mar 2011

Welcome to our CUTE Faimily. We all love it here. Hope you enjoy as much as the rest of us. Mildred

by theduchess 19 Mar 2011

Welcome to the Cute. You'll find that everyone here is very helpful and knowledgeable.So just pour yourself some tea and get stitching away!Stella

by rwalden 19 Mar 2011

Welcome to Cute!

by nhsmith55 19 Mar 2011

Welcome! You're going to love it here!
Be sure to ask questions. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful.

by shop 19 Mar 2011

well, are you in for a treat. This is a wonderful site and you will make friends from all over the world. Great group of "cuties" who will help you in a million ways for just asking. Be prepared you will spend alot of time here. Lots of things to see, read about, people to talk to, and loads of designs that they share. Have a flower and Welcome to the group!!!!

by hightechgrammy 19 Mar 2011

Hi! You sound just like almost all of us! Some of our "kids" are giving us a hard time about our "old lady" web site! But, we LOVE our website, and hope you will too :-) I'm sure you'll be warned that Cuties is addictive - and it's the best addiction I've ever had. Welcome! Jan

by nannynorfolk 19 Mar 2011

Hi, and Welcome.. * 4 u

by devon 19 Mar 2011

Welcome to the family!! You are going to love it here. You will find that you will spend ALOT of time here. It will be hard to do anything because you will be here. Glad to have you here.

by ramona 19 Mar 2011

Welcome, welcome. I love the Jacobean designs as well. At first I was a little iffy on them but now I have even purchased some Jacobean fabric for a future quilt project. There are alot of wonderful, helpful Cuties here. Don't be afraid to ask any question. Cuties will do their best to answer you. Make yourself familar with the site by clicking on all the tabs at the tob. The flowers you collect are just for fun. You give flowers by clicking on the green flowers in community and the orange flowers in projects. You also receive flowers. Be sure to check out the top of the page where it shows all the talented Cutie projects and, of course, the "Design By Cuties" tab. This is where there are lots of free designs made by, none other, than Cuties. Enjoy this addictive site and be sure to check these two sister sites out as well.


by sassylady 19 Mar 2011

Welcome aboard. There are a lot of nice people here . If you need help, a shoulder or an ear, you will find it here. Hugs Marlene

by sewfrenzie 19 Mar 2011

Welcome, you will love this site! It will become addictive, lol! And its a wonderful resource for answers to questions. Everyone is so friendly and helpful!

by gerryvb 19 Mar 2011

well let me be the first to say W E L C O M E !!!you will love it here. We are like one cute family with members all over the world. And if you look at the left column and click on tutorial you will see a lot of interesting things about this site!but beware: it's also addictive here.