by marleymoo 18 Mar 2011

that goes around the outside of the patch, it wont look right, it'll look to girlie and shiny. They are workman jeans and I feel that if I use ordinary sewing thread they will look better as the thread is dller and stronger. I have a brother innovis 1250 and cant seem to find in the book if I can use sewing thread instead of embroidery.

Can any Cuites help me with some advice please


by muzicdiva777 18 Mar 2011

I've used regular sewing thread on many embroidery projects, and it did fine. You might want to watch certain cotton threads because they will break easier than others with a polyester blend. Like someone said before watch the density, for instance it might seem like it might be studier if you use quilting thread, but it will break your needle because it makes the density of your design so thick that it will make the needle stick and break when the design is moved.

by lightbag 18 Mar 2011


by marleymoo 18 Mar 2011

Thanks for the replies Ladies! *4U

by mops Moderator 18 Mar 2011

You can use sewing thread if the density is not too high. But as you are not embroidering you might as well use a zigzag on your sewing machine.

by bikermomfl 18 Mar 2011

Well in my opinion (such as it is) when I have added patches to my riding jeans I always use a regular thread and just sew it down. don't use a satin stitch, it's to dense and tends to draw attention to the patch. (unless you want to draw attention to it) just press under the raw edges and stitch it down using matching regular thread. it'll last as long as the jeans do......