by ladyboo 17 Mar 2011

I nominated embroideryfun and Verinoka has agreed that she will take over the middle of April. Her name is Barbara and she lives in Seattle.

I only hope she enjoys this scholarship as much as I have. And Veronika gave me an extra month the same as the paid memberships because of the problems that she had with the site. Not her fault and I think it was super of her to give us all that extra treat. Also think it's super to do the scholarship. Very nice.

Anyhow, a big thanks to everybody and congratulations to Barbara.


by colonies1 30 Mar 2011

congratulations..........lucky girl. Enjoy the site I think it is one of the best that is out there.

by lindaavolio 19 Mar 2011

Congrats Barbara for being the 5th recipient of the Miss Loretta Scholarship ENJOY ! ! ! !

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embroideryfun by embroideryfun 20 Mar 2011

Thank you, Linda! This is such a treat for me. Hugs to YOU!

by megann 18 Mar 2011


by embroideryfun 17 Mar 2011

Alice, thank you SO much for this opportunity; I am so touched by this. (VERY sweet of you!)

Veronika, I think the Miss Loretta Scholarship is SUCH a sweet way to keep spreading the love of and from Miss Loretta!! Thank YOU for allowing ME this opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the Scholarship.

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 10 Apr 2011

Miss Loretta would have loved to get to know you - so get to know the other CUTE members while you can.

by joann1 17 Mar 2011

I'm not sure whats happening. Does that mean Verinoka well be going or taking over?

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windsong1 by windsong1 17 Mar 2011

Verinoka won't be doing anything. My time with the scholarship is ending and I'm passing it on to someone else. It's a super thing.