by lr2008 25 Mar 2008

something is wrong with the flowers?? when someone posted on my post there is no flower next to their post for me to click to thank them for something wrong?? or is that new or what?


by simplytrisha 26 Mar 2008

maybe the bees were busy trying to pollenate at the rate we use flowers maybe you just had to wait for a few to sprout

by shirlener88 25 Mar 2008

lr, oh - loosing our flowers - that can't be - Hehehe! I see they are working here. 1 *4 each of U

by ruthie 25 Mar 2008

Flowers look good to me too, lr, hugs and a flower sweetie.

by clawton 25 Mar 2008

If they added a comment under someone else's answer there will not be a place to give a flower.

by jrob Moderator 25 Mar 2008

I don't think so, I just flowered you and Letvia here. ;)

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letvia by letvia 26 Mar 2008

Thank you jrob, I did it for you too and for everybody on here.

by letvia 25 Mar 2008

I have flower next to the person that posted in my question. Flower and XoXo