by beckybowman 14 Mar 2011

Thank you seems inadequate, but I hope you know how much all the Cuties appreciate you!


by anangel 14 Mar 2011

Thanks, Vicki, for being so generous in sharing your time and talent with us! Your designs are great!

by basketkase 14 Mar 2011

Every one of you in one way or another has given of yourself to this community or another every one deserves to have something given back to them.....accept it & enjoy....hugs...Vicki

by hightechgrammy 14 Mar 2011

Vicki You ARE incredible in giving us all these states and all the animals too!!!
You are always so willing to give you talents to others. thank You!

by emily16838 14 Mar 2011

Oh your so right I should have thank her too Thanks Vivki

by colonies1 14 Mar 2011

I too want to thank you for all your work too. Doing all the states is a lot of time you are giving it. Hugs

by carolyn70 14 Mar 2011

I second this statement. You are very appreciated. Doing one state is one thing, but all of the states is quite a bit of work. THANK YOU!!!!!!

by beckybowman 14 Mar 2011

Thanks sew much!