by kiffuri 10 Mar 2011

Someone today had problems with this site?

I tried several times and could not enter. Finally got it.


by lindalee757 10 Mar 2011

Yup- we have experienced that problem before and I am sure we will again-this joint is just a jumpin' all the time. It was really slow navigating here this afternoon-but that was actually a good thing for me-it forced me to log of the computer and get my curtains hemmed-I will hang them tomorrow- and I even sat back in my chair and took a little snooze!! Yay for me lol ~linda~

by leenova54 10 Mar 2011

Have to agree, so many people are on at thee same time that the server can't handle it. Persevere.

by cclark 10 Mar 2011

You got a busy signal. LOL It happened to me too. Site has been very busy lately. Charla

by devon 10 Mar 2011

I love this site. So does everyone, that is why it is hard to get on. But I keep trying till I get on.

by fannyfurkin 10 Mar 2011

This happens from time to time, the site gets very busy and the server has a break down. I think It is only when to many people are trying to get on at one time.