by chubbylilblkcat 08 Mar 2011

I am looking at the brother pc8500 and I was just wondering if anyone out there has one and how do they like it. Money is a issue so I am buying used..I would love to have a 8x10 sewing field.

Question..what kind of transfer box would I need for this machine ?
Would a palette work ? I heard that the software for this can be very expensive..
Any help would be greatly appreciated ..
Thank You Julie xoxoxoxo


by airyfairy 08 Mar 2011

I cannot help you with your machine but I can certainly congratulate you on your wonderful news. My thoughts are with you. Sarah.

by anangel 08 Mar 2011

Congratulations on your victory with the BC!
I have a Brother PC8500D and it stitches beautifully. I have had it for approx. six or seven
years, has never had any maintenance other than me keeping it clean/dusted. It is so user friendly; I learned to use it by reading the manual, as I bought it online and had no classes. I have never had any problems with it that were not the user's (me) fault!
I use the Vikant Ultimate Box reader/writer software to transfer designs to my machine. I truly like it, too, as it holds more designs to use than most. Designs are downloaded onto a "chip" that is then inserted into the right side of the machine, to choose which design you want to stitch.
The Ultimate Box is less expensive than most reader/writer software. Do a search on it. I paid $160 when I got mine, but I think it costs a little more now.
The only other thing I have to assist me with machine embroidery is basic Embird and its Iconizer plug-in. I really love my machine, Ultimate Box, and Embird setup. The 8500 is a great machine.
Hope you get back to stitching soon. I am happy for your return to good health!! Stay positive!

by sewfrenzie 08 Mar 2011

(Fist pump)YA! I'm excited for you! For both reasons. Beating breast cancer a huge fist pump, lol! And getting a new machine. Wish I had some good advice as to what I'd get. *4U and Hugs too!!

by shirlener88 08 Mar 2011

Julie, so glad to hear that you are back and more important that you beat breast cancer.

I think it is great that you get a previously loved machine - I don't own a Brother - but a Babylock and they are sister companies - I do believe that the palette will work on your Brother - perhaps another CUTE family member that owns one will be along soon.

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chubbylilblkcat by chubbylilblkcat 08 Mar 2011

Thanks soo much Shirley