by rmj8939 07 Mar 2011

Lyn and Shirlene about my project with wrong pic in it? I do not know how to edit the pic in projects either if someone could explain it to me. Thanks Ruthie


by mi30kaja 08 Mar 2011

All sorted now Ruthie. I must have missed this listing. Re Private Message. Click on the persons name. It will come up with the persons details at the left and then click on Private message and write your message. Cheers, Lyn

by rmj8939 07 Mar 2011

Lyn.. I figured out how to eliminate your pretty design. Still donot know how to send private message though.

by gerryvb 07 Mar 2011

if you go to this post see link you can read how to send or to read private messages. Good luck and hugs,G

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rmj8939 by rmj8939 07 Mar 2011

Thanks Gerry.