by embroiderymad 06 Mar 2011

Just a question. I seen the add for YOU Embroidery at the bottom of the page, had forgotten it. Does anyone still go there.


by blueeyedblonde 14 Jun 2011

I rarely go there. I spend too much time now on here and it's a much better site - never really cared for it.

by terriweistra 14 Jun 2011

Since I am a 'newbie' I stumbled on the YOU site, it doesnt seem to be very active and I decided that I will pop in once in a while I LOVE THE CUTIE SITE

by daisy530 07 Mar 2011

No--not really any reason to.

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embroiderymad by embroiderymad 07 Mar 2011

Thank you to everyone for posting there comments

by lindalee757 07 Mar 2011

it was a good substitute when we lost our connection here-to be able to keep in touch with each other-but honestly, since cute got back on track-I only pop in there, maybe once a week-not to post or anything. I never really did care that much for it-couldn't navigate or comment there.I much prefer this site (also Cute Alpha. & Amazing) ~linda~

by pcteddyb 07 Mar 2011

Don't really go there. Like this site WAY better.

by mops Moderator 07 Mar 2011

Yes, I have a look couple of times a week. I love that you can make your own group - it keeps my designs together and easy to find. But as anyone can post everywhere you might get things mixed up easily.

by ssampsel 06 Mar 2011

i was just there today!

by fannyfurkin 06 Mar 2011

I never go there, I find it less user friendly than this site. I only pop over there if I really can't get on cute, but I just get frustrated. I really can't work it out and have not taken the time to try.

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bevintex by bevintex 06 Mar 2011

I also never go there. Like it here much better. Lots more fun!

by devon 06 Mar 2011

I go a least one to two times day.

by ramona 06 Mar 2011

I see posts there from Cuties. Nothing works for me on that site except the main page. So I can give flowers there and I can ask a question but nothing else works. Frustrating so I just check the projects, give flowers and move on.

beatie58 by beatie58 07 Mar 2011

Likewise nothing works for me except giving flowers

mary51 by mary51 07 Mar 2011

In my case not even flowers!

by mi30kaja 06 Mar 2011

I am always too busy reading posts and maybe I need new glasses but have never noticed before. Lyn

by mi30kaja 06 Mar 2011

I am always too busy reading posts and maybe I need new glasses but have never noticed before. Lyn

by windsong1 06 Mar 2011

I go almost daily, but nothing going on. shame. Nice site.

by mary51 06 Mar 2011

I go from time to time. I still have problems posting in that site.

by sewmom 06 Mar 2011

Occasionally. I post my freebie list there when Cute gets overloaded. I see a lot of projects posted there and there are a few new free designs too.