by butterflyluvr26 21 Mar 2008

Wanted to share this for anyone interested in the curling iron design for the curling iron caddy project...I found one at Embroidery Library under Dollar Delights. Then under fashion delights.


by meganne 22 Mar 2008

Thanks so much for sharing, I was just starting to cut out my fabric and wondered where i could find the curling iron design. cheers & a rose, Meganne

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butterflyluvr26 by butterflyluvr26 22 Mar 2008

You're welcome, meganne! I was happy to find and share the curling iron design.I still need to find my fabric. I will get it done before my grandaughter's bday in May. A rose for you!

by shirlener88 22 Mar 2008

butterflyluvr, so happy that you found it - good luck with your project. *4U

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butterflyluvr26 by butterflyluvr26 22 Mar 2008

Thanks, shirlener88! I've been trying to make time for my projects...but the weathers been so great I've been outside with my other passion...butterfly gardening and tomatoes.

by lyn4 21 Mar 2008

Thank you - I wanted one for a hair straightener, but this is still OK. They have some great designs on this page, don't they?

butterflyluvr26 by butterflyluvr26 21 Mar 2008

You're welcome, lyn4. My grandaughter uses a streghtener also. But I thought they're both hot irons and to hot to handle. LOL! They do have lots of great designs and sales. I'm going to look for the the heat resistant lined fabric at Jo-Anns...Good Luck!

meganne by meganne 22 Mar 2008

I bought an ironing board cover, you know the silver ones, I needed to make a new cover for my Elna press and with the leftover material I have just cut out pouches for curling iron and straightener and have some scraps to use for potholders, not bad for $14 including the foam underlay. cheers & roses, Meganne