by Simplesewer1 03 Mar 2011

I want good quality thread that will work in my viking Designer 1 Thank You for all the help!!


by hightechgrammy 04 Mar 2011

I love Metro threads too! I usually use Florianni, which is riduculously expensive. I bought a few Metro threads and when my Florianni fails, I put in the Metro and it sews perfectly! The colors stay nice wash after wash too. I am gettting ready to buy more because they are wonderful in my Brother!

by dowdydoodles 04 Mar 2011

I saw the ads on the last sale they had at Metro and thought I would give them a try. I only ordered 5 spools and I love it! I've used several brands (and still do) but I think the Metro threads are great! You could try a small order and see how you like them. I've not tried the bobbins, but am happy with the thread.

by littlelambs 04 Mar 2011

I am a newbie to embroidery, but I have been using several Metro threads and love them. The only negative thing I have heard was my friend can't use the bobbins on her Janome, but the spools have been working wonderfully for both of us. I use the bobbins with no problem, but I have a inexpensive Brother :)

by noah 04 Mar 2011


by catsnhorses 04 Mar 2011

Like most of your responders, I LOVE Metro Thread! Great colors, great price, and my machines all love it.

by anangel 04 Mar 2011

I love the vibrant colors of my Metro threads, but do as Shirlene suggested! Buy just a few spools to
try, before purchasing a set. This is true with any brand thread. Metro thread is good quality and less expensive than most.

by pcteddyb 04 Mar 2011

I LOVE it - as do a bunch of cuties! I have used it in two different Brothers and have no problems whatsoever.

by sewlikedawn 04 Mar 2011

I have a Viking Designer 1 machine. I just got my Metro Tread and purchase the 166 Colors and 55 varigated threads! 221 Colors! I love them! The colors are so vibrant! When I got them I started jumping up and down like a litte girl. Good thing I was alone when I did this! Hehehe! LOL! At Joann's I would get 3 spools of thread and pay anywhere from 12 to 16 dollars for the same yardage. Metro the spool were 67 cents each!Go for it! Hope you do! Dawn

by maryanns66 04 Mar 2011

I love their threads. The photos on their site doesn't do them justice. The colors are vibrant and beautiful! Try the variegated also, you will be surprised at their beauty and how much fun they are to use. And the price is the best I've ever found!

by thecraftycritter 03 Mar 2011

I have no trouble with it at all on a Pfaff 2144/2170, price is right! quality is great. Was really worried in the beginning, but wanted the Poly because so much of what I do is for kids and wanted color fast and strong. Have not been disappointed.

by sbott54 03 Mar 2011

You will love Metro Threads. The colors are brilliant and I've had no problems with them whatsoever. I have the complete collection (thanks to a Christmas gift from hubby). I use these threads exclusively and you can't bet the price and service. Any errors they correct instantly once you bring it to their attention. Order knowing you will get a good deal and great threads.

by quilter124 03 Mar 2011

I got my 116 big spools yesterday and since I was embroidering when they were delivered.....I got another color close to the one I was using and started stitching.....I was amazed and so was my hubby. It was even more glossy than the threads I have been using and they were together on the same will love it.....go for it....I have never seen so much thread.....

by caroldann 03 Mar 2011

I just ordered the 66 spools to try it out. There are so many cuties that are crazy about it and highly recommend it so I finally decided to give it a try. Carol

by pennifold 03 Mar 2011

Dear "bobnlynn",

You will love it. I arranged with my dear friend Shirlene to get the whole 166 sent to me here in Australia. It was cheaper for me doing it that way. The firm wouldn't send me the whole lot, so where there's a will, there's a way. And bless Shirlene she organised it all for me and had them posted out in 4 sets of boxes (the postage cost almost as much as the threads) but I don't regret it at all. The colours are great and they sew up beautifully. By the way I have a Husqvarna Designer1 SE too.

Love and blessings Chris

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quilter124 by quilter124 03 Mar 2011

Just got mine yesterday and love sewing with them.....

by shirlener88 03 Mar 2011

You will love it - however if you are worried - just order a couple spools and check it out - before you buy more. I don't think you will regret the purchase - I have been using it for a couple years and love it.