by nhsmith55 28 Feb 2011

She has come up with an in-th-hoop bodice for a little girls dress. It's so beautiful! I wish I had a little girl around so I could make one. She is one talented lady!


by marleymoo 02 Mar 2011

its lovely isnt it? thanks for sharing!

by theduchess 02 Mar 2011

Love her designs.I bought the cross and the hanging peppers and they all sew out beautiful.The heirloom Swan is just stunning on pillow cases.

by pennifold 28 Feb 2011

I got an email from her this morning and have bought it and a beautiful cross too. Can't wait to make it. Love Chris

by jacquipaul 28 Feb 2011

Very cute Nancy; wish I had a little girl for this bodice also.
Love the Sonia Showalter designs, and am extremely fond of her alphabets, too.

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nhsmith55 by nhsmith55 28 Feb 2011

I know! I wish my son would get busy with another grandbaby, and maybe a girl this time! I've sent the link to my daughter. She might like it for her flower girls dresses! Wouldn't that be sweet?!

by ramona 28 Feb 2011

I love this little bodice and I'm thinking of getting it. I have 4 granddaughters but I wish it would give an approximate child size with it. I see it's a little flexable with the ties but just not sure if it would go from size 10 down to size 3 or 4.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 28 Feb 2011

why don't you emial Reen and ask her?

nhsmith55 by nhsmith55 28 Feb 2011

Ramona, I was under the impression that this dress fits 12 months to 4 years. I believe that she made one for each of her 2 girls. One was 12 months size and the other was 4 year size, and she used the exact same bodice. I don't know if it would go as big as a 10 though.

piebaldbully by piebaldbully 02 Mar 2011

I am thinking about buying that too.. Wendi

by pldc 28 Feb 2011

she does a truly amazing job of everything she creates!

by dilceia 28 Feb 2011


by sewdeb 28 Feb 2011

wow, very cute. Thanks for sharing! *4U

by zedna 28 Feb 2011

Very pretty, I don't have any little girls around either.