by angelmakes3 23 Feb 2011

is a throw pillow or wall hanging. I know someone from here, will come up with the perfect idea. I only have untill Sat. Thanks so much. Pat


by sewmom 23 Feb 2011

Link. Remember at sewforum you have to log in then come back and click the link again.

I actually like both of your ideas. The wall hanging especially, so she can see it every day!

by bevgrift 23 Feb 2011

I love to make easy tote bags to carry library books or swimming towels etc. They give me an excuse to sew out all the designs I love, and some use up fabric as patchwork or just a strip/band of contrast.
Hope your DD has a wonderful birthday.
From Bev

by marleymoo 23 Feb 2011

hi angels can you send a link to the design, it will help to see it when trying to figure out ideas!

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angelmakes3 by angelmakes3 23 Feb 2011

I am very computer challenged, but sewmom I see did it Thanks sewmom