by free3wil 21 Feb 2011

I am working on a beautiful flower design, it has 2 colors of pink, 2 colors of purple and a yellow, but there are jumps everywhere. So far, I have been trimming as I go, but wondered what all you do. I have tried it both ways, but, I want to know what you all think is best. Thanks for sharing your expertise with me! I sure do appreciate the help, and have learned so much by reading questions others have asked.


by sewlikedawn 22 Feb 2011

I clip at each jump because one time I let a couple thread jumps go and it was really hard getting the thread out without lifting the stitches. I had to use tweezers and anyway it was a pain.
Good luck!

by mary51 22 Feb 2011

I like to trim as I go like you do.

by bevgrift 22 Feb 2011

I stop and clip the threads as it sews.
Very important cos sometimes the foot can get caught on a jump stitch and cause damage to the design and maybe my machine too.
All the extra effort is forgiven for the beautiful design.
If I can, I alter some designs because I dont like the trailing stitches that sometimes show under light colours.
Happy snipping!
From Bev

by mops Moderator 22 Feb 2011

I clip when changing colours.
I hate it when there are lots of jump stitches in a design. Having your machine clip them for you leaves a myriad of tail ends at the back - hate that too.
I know digitisers can't always avoid jump stitches, especially when they concern tiny objects done last - like eyes or small shadows, but too often they can be avoided by placing connection stitches and are just the result of careless digitising.

by pcteddyb 22 Feb 2011

I clip as I go (and now I am lucky enough to have a machine that does most of them for me).

by windsong1 22 Feb 2011

I always trim as I go. BUT that doesn't mean that I always stop the machine. I've learned over time to do it with the machine going if the jump is long enough. AND I have my handy pair of 6" tweezers at the machine to make the short ones easier to hold while I clip the second time. Best thing that I ever did. Just make sure they have a small pointed end. Mine are curved at the end, with the little ridges to clamp together better. Like that. I've learned to use my left hand to hold the thread and cut with the right.

by queenofhearts 22 Feb 2011

I clip as I go unless it is an area that I know I wont be sewing over again. If there must be a lot of jumps I would rather they be big ones because they are easier to clip.

by anangel 22 Feb 2011

Trim as I go, because it is such a hassle to try removing jump stitches that have been embedded by
regular stitches!

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by honeychyle 22 Feb 2011

I always trim as I go.

by jjjj 22 Feb 2011

I cut as I go. That is at each colour change. I would hate to see a jump stitch through the design. (Say a darker thread under a light less dense area.)

by mooie24 22 Feb 2011

I see you have your answers :-)
I would clip as I go..
A good digitizer would try to make
any jumps a minimum. of course some
are avoidable.
Big hugs to you from London
Maria xx

by drjay50000 22 Feb 2011

I too have wanted to know this. Thank you for asking thanks for all the answers.

by shirlener88 22 Feb 2011

I do as all the other's - I clip as I go.

by airyfairy 22 Feb 2011

I always clip as I go - mainly I find it neater and there is no chance of a darker jump stitch showing through.

by grandmamek 22 Feb 2011

I too clip as I go. I think it makes a neater looking design.

by raels011 22 Feb 2011

I always clip as I go

by rmj8939 22 Feb 2011

When I bought my first machine they told me to cut as I went and that seems to be the best for me.

by almag 22 Feb 2011

I clip the jumpstitches as I go and if you do that you'll be happier with the end result - there won't be any unwanted stitches caught beneath the stitching.
It's a bit of a pain but it's worth it.
It also helps to have a decent pair of curved, very sharp scissors.

by tmbache 21 Feb 2011

Personally I clip as I go. That way am not trying to clip[ little tiny tight sports you have stitched over 2 or 3 times.
Hugs and flowers to all

by sewmom 21 Feb 2011

It all depends on the design. Safest way is to clip as you go then you won't get stuck with a dark jump stitch under a light cover. And you won't end up with little tiny spots to clip.

by caroldann 21 Feb 2011

I try and clip as I go. I hope you post a picture of your project when you're done.

by michele921 21 Feb 2011

I ususally clip as I go depending on if they were going to be covered and not show through the design. some digitizers make it so the jumps are hidden under the design.

by agnes92 21 Feb 2011

je coupe au fur et à mesure,car ce n'est pas certain que tous les sauts soient recouverts et il est plus difficile de couper ensuite sans abimer la broderie

by lbrow 21 Feb 2011

Most of the time I clip as I go unless I know for sure it will be completely covered by another part of the design/Lillian