by beckybowman 16 Feb 2011

Thanks for all the sweet comments about Callie Parker. It is very reassuring to hear about the ones of you that have family living with one kidney and doing so well. Thanks so much for sharing!


by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Feb 2011

Becky I haven't been on Cute lately and can't find the post about Callie Parker but thought I add from my own experience. I have donated a kidney to my son 14 years ago and we are both doing well. My grandson donated to his sister 2 years ago and they are doing great as well. The recipient of course will feel better and the donor feels no change after having recuperated from the operation.

by shazells 16 Feb 2011

my mother survived for 40 years with only one kidney only to pass away from a totaly different illness its amazing how the body ajusts and she led a normal working life hugs shazells