by jrob Moderator 11 Mar 2008

I just read, in the last day or so, an excellant hint on one of the sites I visit. Someone named Billie sent in: Start doing your test designs on card stock....continued


by nglover1 12 Mar 2008

jrob good idea and cutieoie great instructions. will copy and save Flowers for all,

by dlonnahawkins 12 Mar 2008

That is great - I dont do a lot of test designs, but just may have to start doing that - That would also be good to keep in a book to remind you where you have the design, and how it looks. We could make our own little "color" books with all that we do. Great idea, thanks for sharing that.

by letvia 12 Mar 2008

You have 2999 + this flower is "3000" congratulations!!!!!!!!

jrob by jrob 12 Mar 2008

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. (Big ol' happy grin);)

lorettag28 by lorettag28 12 Mar 2008

Letvia, way to go. A flower for you.

by cutiepie 12 Mar 2008

This is a fun suggestion, but you have to be careful which designs you pick. Just like with tear-away stabilizer, if the design is dense enough it will just "cut" its way through and tear out of the card. So, only try it with the less dense designs. One way to hoop the card stock is to hoop a sticky-back stabilizer and then stick the card to it (this would also give you extra strength for your card). Or, you could get drafter's tape (it is like masking tape with a lighter tack, so it removes easily without damaging the cardstock) and tape the cardstock to a fabric template that you cut out the middle on before you hooped. This would also be an ideal situation to use the MagniHoop for, if you own it. As dkjack said, you would probably want to use old needles that are already a bit dull and be sure to clean out the machine regularly (which you should do anyway) to get rid of the lint build-up. Another way to use your stitch-outs with greeting cards would be to go to your craft store and purchase cards that have a "window" cut out from them. Place your stich-out so it is visible through the window, tape or glue in place, and back with a piece of cardstock that matches the card itself. I hope people have fun with this idea and post some pictures for others to see. =]

cutiepie by cutiepie 12 Mar 2008

Boy, I sure wish it would allow me to make paragraphs when I write. It all flows together in long answers and is hard to read. =[

shirlener88 by shirlener88 12 Mar 2008

This sounds very interesting. Will have to try it out - perhaps. *4U

jrob by jrob 12 Mar 2008

ALL good ideas cutiepie! Thanks for sharing that with us! Best wishes today!;)

by dkjack 11 Mar 2008

I'm new to all these ideas. How do you hoop card stock? Won't that dull your needle and put a lot of lint in your machine?

lorettag28 by lorettag28 12 Mar 2008

dkjack, read cutiepie's comment. A flower for you.

dkjack by dkjack 12 Mar 2008

Thank you Loretta I just did. I also copied and pasted it into a word doc. for future use. :)

by clawton 11 Mar 2008

Good suggestion.

by ruthie 11 Mar 2008

Thanks, terrific idea jrob, I must try that. This way it would eliminate that *panic* whenever I needed a card for someone unexpectedly. Hugs and flowers for sharing sweetie.

by jrob Moderator 11 Mar 2008

and use them to design your own greeting cards. I thought that was an excellant idea. ;)

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 12 Mar 2008

What other site was this on? Good idea!