by bonita1313 11 Mar 2008

Has anyone heard of this site? http://brittdesigns.web.officeliv... are offering a beautiful Easter Alphabet, one letter a day. You can get all letters from A to O now.


by freida 13 Mar 2008

Mary Britt is the lady who owns and digitizes this site. She is delightful. You will enjoy her work. Freida A

by lr2008 13 Mar 2008

i posted this earlier today!

lr2008 by lr2008 13 Mar 2008

I posted this earlier today and got 5 hits, you post my post and get 13 hits?? wow unreal..look 5 posts down from this one and you will see I posted this site earlier..dont do that!!

freida by freida 13 Mar 2008

I know I had the same thing happen to me.

by tmbache 13 Mar 2008

I went to site had no problem and they are very cute downloaded up to the Q today, which is a couple of days after you posted here. but cp dosn't always like to do what i want it to. changing internet providers one with DSL NOT any more dial up to SSSSLLLLOOOOW.

by shirlener88 13 Mar 2008

Yes, still collecting - Hehehe! *4U

by stickmuster 12 Mar 2008

Thanks .flowers for you

by raels011 12 Mar 2008

thanks bonita *4U

by ruthie 11 Mar 2008

Thanks bonita, must check it out, hugs and flowers sweetie.

by dkjack 11 Mar 2008

Thank you Bonita. This is a cute alphabet. *4U

by lorettag28 11 Mar 2008

Bonita, thank you, this is a cute set. A flower for you.

by sandralochran 11 Mar 2008

Been unable to find this site

by raels011 11 Mar 2008

I went to sewreform but couldn't find all the letters

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bonita1313 by bonita1313 12 Mar 2008

Hi raels011, I am like a dog looking for a bone in searching for designs. I went to sewforum and registered. I got the email from the site and clicked on the link that took me back to the site. I also could not find the designs, even though every one was saying how thay liked them and thanks for them, I could not even see them. So I figured I was not signed in even though I clicked the link to get to the site from my email. I was right. So you need to sign in and the designs will start on page 1. Be aware pages 3 to 9 have no designs, but they continue again on page 10. You just have to be a dog and sniff them out. Hope this helps!

by mumra 11 Mar 2008

that same alphabet is offered in its entirety on (have to register and log in but its free) right now and it includes brackets and some punctuation :-)

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marymoore by marymoore 11 Mar 2008

thanks just registered there now great help *4u

by letvia 11 Mar 2008

Hello bonita you can find the same alphabet from this place and is complete;t=90452&st=0&sk=t&sd=a if you want to ckeck. Flower and XoXo

by jrob Moderator 11 Mar 2008

I had not, Have you ever sewn any designs out from here? :0

bonita1313 by bonita1313 11 Mar 2008

Hi jrob, I haven't tried any designs from this site, but it was recommended by several persons on a couple of the Yahoo groups. I hope that some "CUTE" users have used their designs and will inform us of the quality of the designs.

letvia by letvia 12 Mar 2008

2998 and one more

by shirlener88 11 Mar 2008

bonita, thanks for the site - I will go LQQK - *4U

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 11 Mar 2008

These are adorable - thank you so much - the site has some really cute designs as well.