by Simplesewer1 31 Jan 2011

I bought some verigated thread Poly 40wt and it keeps breaking its very pretty colors but its driveing me crazy any suggestions?


by dlonnahawkins 31 Jan 2011

One thing that I was told was to put into a zipped plastic bag and into the freezer for a good CHILL - for some reason this does work, and makes a problem thread work better. I have not had to try it, but give it a try.

by michele921 31 Jan 2011

before you get rid of it did you slow the machine down? also are you using the right needle for verigated. either and both of these can make the thread break. I personally have not used verigated thread but have read a lot of post on it and it was always the answers that people got.

by nonna57 31 Jan 2011

I use it as bobbin thread :)

by jeano63 31 Jan 2011

Oh my goodness, don't throw all that thread. Cut at least some of it in pieces a few inches long and you can lay a bunch of these between 2 pieces of tulle and use a light design with a satin stitch outline that encloses the threads - like maybe a heart. It is a pretty effect. I save all my threads that I cut :-) There are some designs for this.

I have read that some people say if you put bad thread inside a sealed bag with a wet piece of paper towel and then keep in freezer or fridge for a few days, it will improve. Don't know if the moisture really helps enough though - I am just passing on what I read :-)

by eyeztodiefor10 31 Jan 2011

If the thread is just bad you might have to throw it away. Have you tried regular sewing with it? Maybe on a different machine it might not break as much.

by asterixsew Moderator 31 Jan 2011

Well probably not quite the thing to do but I gave away 8 reels of thread today that dont agree with my machine.