by nglover1 08 Mar 2008

Congrats donnahawkins on reaching 1000. Here is a flower for the next 1000.


by clawton 10 Mar 2008

Yes, CONGRATULATIONS! Because of a power outage I'm just catching up on the community.

by lorettag28 08 Mar 2008

Nancy, is it? Well done, congratulations dlonna, we love adding to your bouquet. A flower for you, too!

by jrob Moderator 08 Mar 2008

Congrats dlonna! I'll be adding a flower to that bouquet! ;)

by ruthie 08 Mar 2008

A big CONGRATULATIONS to you dlonna, it's good to see you reach a milestone, and because you don't have many flowers - here's another one for your bouquet sweetie, with some hugs.

by marjialexa Moderator 08 Mar 2008

Oops, posted in the wrong place. Congratulations, Dlonnahawkins, well done!! Marji

by shirlener88 08 Mar 2008

YES, dlonna - CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 1000 - that is so wonderful - you have been working hard at collecting our flowers haven't you? *4U nglover for announcing this!

by dlonnahawkins 08 Mar 2008

Thank you all - you all worked well together.