by simplyrosie 28 Jan 2011

Even though my friend has a long arm that I can use at any time, I'd like the ability to quilt a small wall hanging on my own.

Right now, my quilt top is 31.5" x 39.5" and I would like the ability to customize my quilt squares to embroider. Yes I'd like to use my embroidery machine instead of free hand. I figured that I'd like my squares to be an odd size, not 5x5 or 6x6 like I can buy. When I've used my friends quilting machine, we tell the machine where the 4 corners are and the CAD program calculates the size and blends it all together. Does this make any sense?

So is there a program out there that will let me tell it that my quilt size is 31.5" x 39.5", this is the design I want (I pick one) and then it spits out the PES stippling file I need?

Thanks! teri


by agula 26 Jun 2011

by keeponsewing 28 Jan 2011

Teri, have you put your blocks together already and looking to quilt the layers? Or are you wanting to do all three layers at the same time, then stitching them together. The wall hanging I made, I embroidered the blocks first then sewed the sashing to connect the blocks. Once that was done,I put all three layers together and embroidered on the sashing. If you are just wanting to do your own stipple like freehand, all you do is drop your feed dogs and move all three layers together around like a stipple. Be sure to clamp your quilt rolls so it is easier to maneuver your quilt. Hope this makes sense. I am not aware of a program where you can enter the size of the finished quilt and it will stipple what the size is.(at least for a home machine) But I'm sure there is probably something out there that is like that. Hugs, Terre

by capoodle 28 Jan 2011

Here is a link for a free stipple design.

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agula by agula 26 Jun 2011

by mpo14011 28 Jan 2011

Teri, you can quilt your own quilts with your normal sewing machine. You do not need to stipple. You can either shadow quilt, quilt in the ditch or cross hatch. Just remember to increase the stitch length to 3.
If you have a walking foot with your machine that also helps, but you will find that most machines do not have any trouble going though all 3 layers.

by clawton 28 Jan 2011

I have been quilting blocks at a time. I use various patterns. I hoop all layers at one time and stitch them out. It is very time consuming. I takes longer to hoop and rehoop that it does to stitch out a block. Embroidery libray has some nice designs. You are fortunate to have someone available to let you use the long arm. I'd love to have one however they are out of my price range.

by ramona 28 Jan 2011

I don't know what type of embroidery machine that you have but my Designer SE has a stipple stitch in the sewing options. You have to hoop your project though. There is also a motif area that has a stipple stitch that will do an all over stipple for the hoop you choose. This would be the easiest option. There's no hoop for the size you are wanting so you will have to hoop several times. Maybe someone else can help with more information or your type of machine. Good luck

by baydreamer 28 Jan 2011

You can quilt in sections, there are many books out there to explain this. Marti Michell is just one of the authers to explain this.

baydreamer by baydreamer 28 Jan 2011 If you decide to stripple get sewslip. It really is a great product.

agula by agula 26 Jun 2011

by dlonnahawkins 28 Jan 2011

I can't help you Teri, I have always done by my machine, and do have something that I purchased but still in the box to that is supposed to allow me to free motion. LOL Maybe someday - Good luck, and hope you can get help with it.

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agula by agula 26 Jun 2011

by muflotex 28 Jan 2011

Sorry I can not help with you question about software, but if you need some inspiration on free motion quilting, follow the link.

Sounds like a pretty spezial Software you are looking for, one that thinks out of the comon framesize.

Hope there is a solusion for this.

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agula by agula 26 Jun 2011

by jofrog2000 28 Jan 2011

This is a good size to just free hand stipple. Once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy. I do crib quilts-45 x 60 on my Ellageo.
Here are 2 links to look at. The first has a good explanation and the second is her project of doing a new stippling design every day for 365 days!

muflotex by muflotex 28 Jan 2011

Hi joforog, you seam to wath the same stuff than me 8-)

clawton by clawton 28 Jan 2011

This was interesting. Thanks

marietta by marietta 28 Jan 2011

I get her newsletter, and enjoy seeing a new hand stippling block every day. They are beautifull, and she haslovely videos to watch too.

agula by agula 26 Jun 2011