by jand803 25 Jan 2011

Is it possible to have to categories in 'Designs by Cuties'? And move the alphabet/font letters to a separate category. With 26 designs per font, it takes too many pages.


by jkdavis1996 04 Feb 2011

look at this idea and see if it works for you...

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jand803 by jand803 28 Apr 2011

thanks... a lot of info there.

by jand803 28 Jan 2011

Why do we have a community suggestion category if we are severely criticized when a suggestion is made? Are suggestions wanted or not?

by mops Moderator 26 Jan 2011

Be thankful for what we have: a place where fellow members can upload their designs and give them away to every one. And YouEmbroidery offers more: the possibility to make your own group and have every designer keep their designs together in a group. That makes searching a lot easier. And it's easier for the designer too: much faster to look for comments and answer those.

by sewmom 26 Jan 2011

I heard it wouldn't be safe to let them do zip files because she couldn't control what is in the zips. I don't know if that's just a rumor.

by dollygk 26 Jan 2011

You must admit, this makes good sense and I agree.

by kttyhwk4 25 Jan 2011

Sometimes I think we want to much. Can't we ever be satified that someone has gone out of their way to provide a place for our digitizers to share their designs,not hers without any cost to you. Please give Miss Veronika a break.

by jkdavis1996 25 Jan 2011

I have seen and 'marked' two different posts b/c it saves clicking through DBC. These two postings were extra work by the designer, but entirely helpful. I am thankful for their work as well as the posted freebies. If you are wondering how to mark a post, then click the gray checkmark at the top of the post (by the writer's name) and it should change to yellow. At that point, when you click on the community link, you can select marked as filtering option and it will show you any postings you have checked. I would mark any designer's post who has grouped their work...and be sure to thank them for the work. :)

snowflake name list

ragdoll alphabet list

by shirlener88 25 Jan 2011

You are asking for our website owner to create a whole website - for free designs - created by the CUTE family and not herself - I think the fact that she provided the use of her site for free design - that are not hers - was a really nice gesture.

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sewlikedawn by sewlikedawn 26 Jan 2011


by dino 25 Jan 2011

This is an excellent suggestion.