by suzettebritz 18 Jan 2011

Cuties, just to let you know I am back from "holiday" - a "working holiday" at our home on the Eastern Cape coast in South Africa. Enjoyed getting to know the indeginous trees and plants on our plot again and removed a lot of climbers that strangle and threaten the shrubs. We are pleased and blessed with a number of rare shrubs and trees like the Milkwood (photo)and Horsewood that all came up by itself. We have added a gazebo and had to cut a bit into the bush. Very peaceful. Love Suzette


by mops Moderator 19 Jan 2011

Great to see you're back. What lovely pictures you added, stunning tree and great view!

by castelyn 19 Jan 2011

Suzette, welcome back. Thanks for sharing the lovely photo's - Hugs Yvonne

by airyfairy 19 Jan 2011

Good to have you back. Hope the weather was kind to you, unlike so many places in SA. Your garden looks beautiful.

by shirlener88 18 Jan 2011

What a peaceful place you have created - these photo's are stunning - so happy you are home. *4U

by kalinelson 18 Jan 2011

Pictures are beautiful.....glad your back....blessings Janet

by sewmom 18 Jan 2011

Welcome back. You always post such beautiful pictures.

by keeponsewing 18 Jan 2011

Suzette, so glad you are back. Sounds like you had a beautiful holiday. Your veiws are stunning. God is so good! To think He made all that and left it in our care. Amazing. :) Hugs, Terre

by asterixsew Moderator 18 Jan 2011

Welcome back

by sdrise 18 Jan 2011

Beautiful photos. Glad you are back safe Suzanne

by marthie 18 Jan 2011

Pragtig en goed om van jou te hoor. Very pretty and good to hear from you again.

by suzettebritz 18 Jan 2011

Photo's of sea view from a deck we have also added.Photo of sunset is taken on another beach, 5km from home.

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 18 Jan 2011