by abbie 09 Jan 2011

Am I missing something? Thanks. Abbie


by castelyn 09 Jan 2011

I do put a post in community with the direct links for the designs that I have loaded to "designs by cuties" and I have also put it onto some of the alpha letters that I have loaded to "designs by cuties" to try and make it easyer to collect. hugs Yvonne

by gramsbear 09 Jan 2011

As someone has already said, PM the digitizer. I for one have a link to everything I posted on DBC. so if anyone needs links, I can give them. Hugs & Blessings, Judy

by leenova54 09 Jan 2011

If you have one of the alpha, click on it, see who digitized it and PM them to see if they have a link to their alpha letters. Maybe they do.

by mary51 09 Jan 2011

We wish we have, and Cuties is by tags, but in the other site there are no tags so you have search page by page.

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Jan 2011

If you are missing letters in the alphas or designs I can often find them if I have collected them myself. Send me a PM and will try to help. I don't collect all but a lot of the designs.

by rmj8939 09 Jan 2011

Wish there was.

by mops Moderator 09 Jan 2011

No there is not. That's why I was happy you could post your designs in your own Group at YouEmbroidery and so keep your designs separate and easy to find as I at least won't post 200 pages of designs. You can see everything in All Topics but when you go to Groups you get them sorted. Could have been such an easy way to sort by designer, but people aren't looking where they post and it's messing up already.

by olly 09 Jan 2011

Oh Abbie, I wish there was! I have sat here the whole afternoon looking through hundreds of designs for the one I know I want. Look on the bright side -it shows how many designs there are available to us. Oh well, I will just have to continue my search ............

by spendlove Moderator 09 Jan 2011

Sadly there isn't a search feature. Frustrating isn't it?