by brendaleas 21 Feb 2008

hello, Just a question about the flowers, what do they mean? and how do you give and get them? and one more, how does the site pick the designs to be voted on for the next day free?


by lr2008 22 Feb 2008

nice job, kudos to you..thank you for sharing your project, thank you for posting on my question, thank you just for being nice..what ever you want it to mean with a smile and a click tells someone they are get one for ever 24 hours you log on.. you get one for posting on someones question, an answer or asking a question..mostly we give each other flowers for just being you!! enjoy..heres a flower..

by ruthie 22 Feb 2008

Brenda, if you would like a design to be voted for, please let us know here, we just love to vote and help friends. Enjoy giving and receiving those flowers, here's one for you, have a fun day.

lr2008 by lr2008 22 Feb 2008

flower fairie was here :)

shirlener88 by shirlener88 02 Apr 2008


by jrob Moderator 21 Feb 2008

The design is chosen by the members votes. It has to be one that can be offered for free. We have on occasion gotten together and campaigned or lobbied for design as the free one for the next day. Let us know and we will get behind it for you! ;)

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lr2008 by lr2008 22 Feb 2008

flower fairie was here :)

by clawton 21 Feb 2008

I doubt if anyone really knows how the site selects designs for us to vote on. However, I'm sure it has to do with marketing strategies. I'm just thankful they offer them and then give the visitors the final say. We may not always get the ones we want but that's ok.

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lr2008 by lr2008 22 Feb 2008

flower fairie was here :)

by mops Moderator 21 Feb 2008

If you look back in the Questions and Answer you can read a lot of discussion and speculation about the flowers. We don't know the meaning, but we loving handing them out like candy! Here's one for you.

by letvia 21 Feb 2008

Nobody knows for sure what the flowers mean, you can give a flower hitting the flower at the people's name. And the design that has the most votes wins. Flower for you

sandralochran by sandralochran 21 Feb 2008

Thank you for the import Flower for you

jrob by jrob 21 Feb 2008

I see your picture *smile*

lr2008 by lr2008 22 Feb 2008

flower fairie was here :)