by mehhouse 22 Dec 2010

The clue is 'N has a very cold nose'. I've been thru the site and just can't find it. I've looked at snowmen, penguins, santas first and then checked out most all the other pages. No clue. Any hints or help?



by ginalee67 24 Dec 2010

Look in prim designs at snowfolks.

by lflanders 22 Dec 2010

I found it very easy but I have searched and searched for the O and cannot find it! I just left it and will go back and try later, if I can find the time!

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mehhouse by mehhouse 22 Dec 2010

Think of the popular Christmas song - 'Oh Christmas Tree'.

by jofrog2000 22 Dec 2010

Yes, took a while, I just clicked on everything.