by dlmds 20 Feb 2008

I tryed to change my profil, it did not work for me. Could someone walk me thru this process? I want change my picture, add where I am, and about myself. Thanks again


by dlmds 21 Feb 2008

Thanks, and a flower for each of you. I will try again. I had typed this nice profile then lost it all darn! All of you teach me so much, I should beable to do this. Will let you know how it goes.

by cutiepie 21 Feb 2008

With your picture, have it saved in .jpg format (because that is one of the smaller file sizes) and around 100 pixels square should work well. Remember where you have it saved so that you can find it easily when it is time to upload it. Other than that, I think all the basics have been covered. Do you need any further help? I'm always happy to lend a hand. =]

by jrob Moderator 20 Feb 2008

Maybe you did what I did....forgot to hit save after I had done all of that work! I finally got it though. If none of these fixes work(the ones given by ruthie and clawton), please come back and let us know and we will try something else. ;)

by ruthie 20 Feb 2008

Good answer clawton, just adding, dlmds, that you have to be signed in to make any changes. Also make sure your picture for your avatar is in one of the correct formats, and within the size limit. Looking forward to seeing you here, a personal avatar makes people seem more real, doesn't it. Have a beautiful day everyone.

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shirlener88 by shirlener88 02 Apr 2008


by clawton 20 Feb 2008

Go to the top of the page and click on "My Account". On the next page that comes up click on "My Profile". You will then see the various areas that you can add personal information.

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clawton by clawton 20 Feb 2008

Opps Under my profile select "personal information" Type in what you want. For a picture you will need to click browse. Choose your picture from whereever you have it stored. Be sure to save.