by busymommy 18 Feb 2008

Hi I am new to embroidery. I am working on a fabric bowl. the design comes out great but my cloth aropund the edges fray. any advice or suggestions to help with fraying, a certain type of cloth.


by shirlener88 21 Feb 2008

busymommy, there is no reason for being unkind to another - because they do not have the same product sold by the store that you go into. Had they wanted to sell you on their product or convert you - they actually "lost" you. I know that you will enjoy that fabric bowl - I can't wait until you finish it and take a picture and share it with us. Here is a flower for you and please don't worry - there is surely another store that you can go to and share your embroidery work with that will enjoy it and you. Shirlene

by busymommy 21 Feb 2008

I went to the fabric store, and found the Fray Block/Check. Thanks to all. However, when asking for the FrayCheck/Block and stabilizer of course they asked what I was working on. So, I told them an Embroidery Fabric Bowl and I suddenly felt very uncomfortable. The first lady said she has never heard of an embroidery machine making a fabric bowl of any kind. So I tried to explain the steps. Then she said, well what kind of machine do you have. I replied, a Brother and she almost snubbed me. She replied "I only know about Berninas" so I cannot help you. I felt like I did something wrong, when I did not do anything except for ask a question to find two products. I just cannot believe that way the lady acted. The store had atleast 20 machines set up and half were embroidery machines. I would think they would have some idea as to what I was talking about. A second lady went to the back and brought out a fabric a bowl and showed me (like I had no idea what I was talking about) I replied, Yes mine will look almost like that except it will have embroidery designs in each side panel and the botton of the bowl. I don't think they liked that answer either. So i just paid for my Fray Check/Block said thank you and left. I am so glad I found the product elsewhere.

Thank you for all your replies.
I fogot to mention as i read your replies and said thank you I did give each of you a flower.

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mops by mops 21 Feb 2008

You must be pretty cross about the way they 'served'you. But you've got the product and we are looking forward to a picture! Thanks for the flower. And here's one to cheer you up.

by mops Moderator 19 Feb 2008

Thank you for asking the question, now I've learned something from the answers. Flower for you and for all the advisers.

by lr2008 19 Feb 2008

a little frey check helps with this problem.its invisible once dry..

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lr2008 by lr2008 19 Feb 2008

if you have water soluable sheets you candisolve a little in just a tad of water so it is real thick and dab a little on with a q-tip. i have done that and it works great.

by jrob Moderator 18 Feb 2008

If you don't have fray check or fray stop and have an emergency bowl making session you can spray heavy starch in the lid (of the starch can)and "paint" the edge. When it dries, do your satin stitch and it should work fine! I've done it before, just be sure your satin stitch is close enough. Oh, and welcome! We're glad you're here! ;)

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busymommy by busymommy 18 Feb 2008

Thanks for the info... I can surely use it.

by ruthie 18 Feb 2008

busymommy, here's a flower to welcome you to our friendly site. All fabric frays, some more so than others. As well as Fray Stop, and our lives would be totally unravelled without it, haha, try fusing the pieces of fabric together with a double-sided sticky stabiliser before stitching, you know the type I mean, it's used mainly for applique, help, my brain's taken a tea-break, I can't remember what it's called! Hope this helps, and have fun, I love those fabric bowls.

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busymommy by busymommy 18 Feb 2008

Thank you for the information. I think the bowls are so pretty, just have to figure out the minor details along the way. Thanks

by dlonnahawkins 18 Feb 2008

I too use Fray block - or fray check. This works well if you trim your embroidery just a little close too! Don't suppose any others our there have done that?

ruthie by ruthie 18 Feb 2008

Not much I haven't dlonna!!!

busymommy by busymommy 18 Feb 2008

Thank you for the help!!! I can use all the advise I can get.

by shirlener88 18 Feb 2008

Welcome to the wonderful and awsome world of embroidery. Here is a flower for you. I use a wonderful ad for stopping fraying called "Fray Block" - it is by June Tailor and can be found at most fabric stores - by I find it at Wal-Mart, too. it dries clear and is wahable & dry cleanable - best of all - it dries clear. Hehehe! Always make sure that when you clip the fabric away - that you do so as close to the thread that you can - without clipping the thread - so that when you satin stitch comes back around - it will catch all the reminder of the fabric in that stitch. Good luck and have fun - fun - fun.

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busymommy by busymommy 18 Feb 2008

Thank you for the advice!! I cannot wait to try.