by dianned 16 Feb 2008

This is the FSL angel I made and did all wrong - I didn't know I had to use the same thread top and bottom! I've managed to salvage her and by joining the wings and hands it's actually hidden where it went awry! The colour in the photo isn't too good, I made her pure white but the wood has reflected colour onto the angel.


by capoodle 29 Apr 2012

It's lovely and you will know what to do the next time but I can't tell you had a problem with it.

by bumblebee 29 Apr 2012

Nice Save -we can't tell.

by lidiad 29 Apr 2012

I have seen this design in a website but don't remember its name. I like this angel and you have done a good job, as nobody else can see where it isn't perfect! Hugs, Lidia

by oaro 29 Apr 2012

I see very nice angel great repair job

by noah 29 Apr 2012

shes ok we all think sew whos design is it dianne ???hugs

by dilceia 29 Apr 2012

Where this you Dianna???? I feel its absence.

by mi30kaja 29 Apr 2012

Only you know where the mistakes are. None of us are perfect so neither is she, but she still looks great

by persiancatlover 29 Apr 2012

looks great

by ruthie 17 Feb 2008

Been there done that Dianne, it looks top notch to me, a flower for you.

by tmbache 16 Feb 2008

I don't see any mistakes, she looks beautiful to me. But as they say we learn by our mistakes and only the maker knows they are there. Keep up the good work and a flower to you.

by dlonnahawkins 16 Feb 2008

You did okay. You worked through your mistake, and did not let it get the best of you. Keep stitching.

by clawton 16 Feb 2008

Keep in mind - we're not perfect. It still looks good and we would not have known there was a mistake. There is an old tradition in some parts of the country when making quilts- a mistake of some kind is built into every quilt because we are not perfect. (Unfortunately I don't usually have to built one in- I always have something that just doesn't come out quite right.)

by jrob Moderator 16 Feb 2008

shhhh, don't tell anybody you made a mistake, I like to say that it is my own personal "artistic flair" that I have added for enhancement. hahahaha. YOU, however pulled it off! Good job. ;)

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dianned by dianned 16 Feb 2008

Thank you (and to everyone else who has commented - I've given you all a flower!) I have a friend who calls her crafting mistakes "happy accidents" and says if they're too perfect nobody would believe she'd made them herself!

by mops Moderator 16 Feb 2008

Thank you for showing. Although YOU know you made a few mistakes, nobody seeing it would know. It looks good as it is and the next one will turn out as you intended. An experienced embroiderer is someone who has mastered the art of covering up her mistakes!! Not someone who does not make any. Flower for you.

dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 16 Feb 2008

Good comment! We all do become better at covering mistakes - that it part of learning.

shirley124 by shirley124 29 Apr 2012

Yes good comment. Another flower for you

lidiad by lidiad 29 Apr 2012

Love your comment, Martine! Hugs, Lidia