by stitchinkate 11 Dec 2010

I am watching the worst blizzard I have ever seen outside my window, and I am 60 years old so that says something, lol! We have hip high drifts in our driveway and it is still snowing heavily.


by spendlove Moderator 12 Dec 2010

Empathy from here! We've had more snow than I've ever seen although there has been a thaw over the last couple of days. Temperatures have been down to minus 20 Celsius. The dog doesn't mind but I'd love to see some green back in the landscape!

moyed by moyed 12 Dec 2010

Oh wow. Amamzing we just have rain and heat, no snow. It looks awesome. Helen

spendlove by spendlove 12 Dec 2010

You're welcome to it!

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 12 Dec 2010

Never had anything to do with snow.How long does your dog stay out in it & how does his fur smell when he comes in all damp? Our Scotties use to smell awful when they got rained on.

by killiecrankie 12 Dec 2010

A few hours ago I got into the car which was parked in the hospital car park after visiting husband & it was 40 degrees celsius,after a few klms I passed a sign & it was down to 31C .It does not feel hot (no AC here)& I sure wouldn't trade you for the cold .A lot of the state is flooded but we still have water restrictions.

by hightechgrammy 12 Dec 2010

Hi Stichinkate,
I too, am 60 and we are on our 3rd day of snow! We are in Colorado up high in the Rockies. Where are you?? I never thought I would be 60! LOL, I remember when my grandad was 60. I accidentally saw him naked from the back. He was a farmer and I was really surprised he was pink under all his work clothes! ha!
All this snow at least puts me in a Christmassy mood :-) It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..... :-)
Jan aka hightechgrammy aka grammycats

by bevgrift 11 Dec 2010

Beautiful pics (for a postcard).I have no idea how to survive in that snow !
Fascinated Bev

by airyfairy 11 Dec 2010

Your picture is so beautiful. Looks like fairy land and so Christmassy.

by meganne 11 Dec 2010

OH MY! I can appreciate your fears. We don't get snow here in Aus where I live and I am always captivated by the beauty of every snow scene I see.

But I spent one white Christmas in Meadeville (spelling?)Pa and it did allow me to see the dark side of the beauty. Especially watching my (then) American husband nearly have a heart attack shovelling snow from his mum's drive.
And constantly getting rugged up to go outside to check that some crucial gas thing stayed alight so that the house stayed warm and the pipes didn't freeze.
Then waiting for the snow plough to clear the streets before trying to drive to the shops, for essentials, on the slippery, icy roads and having to wash the salt from under the car each time he drove it.

What truly amazed me was how silent it was, there was nothing when we went to bed and when we woke up we were snowed in and I hadn't heard a thing. ( It was my first ever snow experience. Can you tell? LOL!!!)

What was really scary was when we visited the Grand Canyon and you could get right up to the edge (in places where there was no safety fencing) and ExH slipped on an icy patch and nearly went over, he just managed to grab hold of a small tree in time to save himself. (No further comment shall I make on that one lest you all might hate me for it! LOL!!!!!)

All these are only a visitor's observations, I can't imagine having to live with it every year, as beautiful as it may 'look' it hides a deadly side to its beauty.

I will be praying for your safety through the coming months as I do for all my brave North Continent friends.
Hugs and blessings,

by leenova54 11 Dec 2010

Oh my, hope your fridge and cupboards are stocked well! Stay warm and inside if possible. We had beautiful weather today but Monday we are suppose to get hit. There has been a lot of snow around us but it keeps missing my county. Got my outside decorations up today so I am satisfied. Hubby is retired, kids grown so no school worries so we will just sit tight when it hits us.

by 1ladyb 11 Dec 2010

Oh sorry to hear that. I did see on the weather channel that you were in for a good one up there. Cold here in Arkansas but so far no snow. I don't like either but will be thankful it isn't any worse.

by alexgrandma 11 Dec 2010

I love Florida!!! We used to live in Illinois!

by capoodle 11 Dec 2010

We used to live in Freeport, Illinois and I remember those winters. Do you live anywhere close to the Dells? After a week of being snowed in the students finally went to school on Friday with a 2 hour delay. We are scheduled for: (I copied this) snow showers and snow squalls across the region with blizzard conditions right along the TN/NC state line. Winds will gust 50+ mph. Wind chills will be 0° to -10° (below -30° up top) Expect another 2"-8" and up to a foot at higher elevations right along the TN/NC. I think we are getting your snow leftovers and I hope less than what you got. We went for groceries so if we have to walk up our lane (sometimes our 4-wheel drives can't make the steep part of our driveway) we should be good for a while.

by holly12 11 Dec 2010

Enjoy it as much as you can but stay safe & warm. Arlene

by gerryb 11 Dec 2010

Hope you keep your power & heat! Makes our coming 10 degrees sound like nothing!! Santa's sleigh will surely be able to land up there!

by fannyfurkin 11 Dec 2010

Stay safe and keep warm.

by ssampsel 11 Dec 2010

we are watching the Weather Channel..maybe rain-maybe snow!
stay warm & safe!

by ninalei 11 Dec 2010

It's always beautiful to see something like this when you are from the South. We hardly ever get any in San Antonio. Please stay warm and safe.

by mad14kt 11 Dec 2010

WOW! I could use some of that here :) Stay safe! ;D *2U

by daisy530 11 Dec 2010

It's so pretty--hope you got everything done before it came. Keep fingers crossed for power--that's what I don't like about snow.

by gerryvb 11 Dec 2010

wow, that;s a lot of snow,do try to be safe and warm

by designgirl 11 Dec 2010

We have heard this is coming to Ontario. I hope it stays to the north. They are saying we in south western Ontario are to get rain, then changing to snow tomorrow evening. Hope your power stays on. Stay safe and warm Hugs Lynn.

by stitchinkate 11 Dec 2010

This is what we had on the railing when I got up this morning...we have at least 3 times as much now...very beautiful but also very scary. I don't know how we will plow out. Usually get this amount all winter long, not in one day...and they are saying it is to continue now until noon tomorrow!

by jacquipaul 11 Dec 2010

Have not watched the news but it's frightening knowing you're in such a blizzard in Wisconsin; stay warm and get ready in case the power goes out! Good luck to you, and try to enjoy the beauty of the snow.

clawton by clawton 11 Dec 2010

Oh how beautiful!

jacquipaul by jacquipaul 11 Dec 2010

Winter can be beautiful, especially if we don't need to worry about roads, shoveling, power failures, etc.

by damaris 11 Dec 2010

snowing here in Minnesota also. 16degrees and to get colder tomorrow. Stay warm. I'm off to play cards in our building

by shirlener88 11 Dec 2010

Bundle up - make sure you have candle to light - if it takes out the power lines - stay safe. *4U

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ethan by ethan 11 Dec 2010

In Saudi, Temp 33. Enjoy your snow

by mariahail 11 Dec 2010

Houston, Texas...Cool and sunny, beautiful day.****

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bevintex by bevintex 11 Dec 2010

Same in Abilene

by bevintex 11 Dec 2010

Where do you live in Wisconsin? I was born in Wisconsin Rapids. Now in a warmer Texas.

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stitchinkate by stitchinkate 11 Dec 2010

I live in Cadott, home of the Country Fest. We are about 20 miles east of Eau Claire. Still snowing...afraid we are going to lose power.

by jennyt 11 Dec 2010

where are you? i am in ohio it is like 42 and sunny... but i heard a storm is comin..

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leenova54 by leenova54 11 Dec 2010

Hello there, what part of Ohio? I am in Canton, just a stones throw from the Pro Football hall of fame. Beautiful weather today, went shopping then put the garland and lights up outside! I'll PM you to ask where you are.