by chalkdust100 03 Feb 2008

Is the bear on the motorcycle that is used on the baby's towel a Cute Embroidery design? I love it.


by tmbache 03 Feb 2008

Yor are absoulutely right danie6919, i just went and checked to make sure cause i thought it was all so. It is from embroidet Library, if you get a chance check it out is a flower to you all.

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ruthie by ruthie 03 Feb 2008

Thanks tmbache, one for you too.

by ruthie 03 Feb 2008

I don't know where the design is from, but it is so cute.

by danie6919 03 Feb 2008

I am pretty sure it's from Embroidery Library. I am a big buyer there...

by jrob Moderator 03 Feb 2008

Well, I didn't make the towel, but I can tell you it isn't from this site. Perhaps if you ask her under comments on the projects page, she will share with you where it came from. Good Luck ;)