by fannyfurkin 05 Dec 2010

OK Cuties, I am off to bed, I have 144 flowers to go to make 4000. See what you can do for me while I am sleeping. Love to all.



by katydid 05 Dec 2010

Looks as if you did quite well!!! One more!!

by quilter124 05 Dec 2010

Alice, we can't get there, so please check on it for us.....technical - so be careful......

by quilter124 05 Dec 2010

And since I just got home and found this I will make it 4078 flowers in your garden....

by fannyfurkin 05 Dec 2010

Woohoo. what a huge jump 220 flowers over night, that is amazing.
Thank you all so much.

by gerryvb 05 Dec 2010

well I will make it 4076, okay?

by mranderson 05 Dec 2010

From one Aussie girl to another. GO GIRL GO !!!!!!!!!!!*4U. Marg

by keeponsewing 05 Dec 2010

Here is another. !

by shirlener88 05 Dec 2010

Alice CONGRATULATIONS you made it and beyond! *4U

by bevintex 05 Dec 2010

a flower for Alice

by asterixsew Moderator 05 Dec 2010

Well Alice in your night (my day) your garden has blossomed

by mnladyus 05 Dec 2010

Here is another one for you. Thank you so much for your help!

by designgirl 05 Dec 2010

Here is another for you.

by dilceia 05 Dec 2010

Here's another ...whoohoo!!

by kathyjt 05 Dec 2010

Here's another *

by leenova54 05 Dec 2010

Here's one for you Alice!

by 5thmurphy 05 Dec 2010

1st flower for you!!!

by fannyfurkin 05 Dec 2010

My traffic to my site could do with a boost also, so if you have not been there yet please go and have a look around.

elizabethak by elizabethak 05 Dec 2010

Says has technicL PROBLEMS

shirlener88 by shirlener88 05 Dec 2010

Webmaster please contact

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 05 Dec 2010

It is back online now and I am so annoyed, I upgraded from the baby plan to the business plan, moved all of my websites to the business one and forgot to cancel the baby plan, so they suspended both of my accounts even though the one that the sites are on was paid up for a year. I had to go and pay for a month on the baby plan to get them back up. I have nothing hosted on that plan. To add insult to injury paypal does not convert AUD to US according to the current market and I alway end up paying more that I should in with the conversion. Anyway I am back online. Thankyou all for letting me know.